How to Get an Inactive Twitter Username (Claim Inactive Twitter Handle)

There’s already someone using that handle.When attempting to sign up for Twitter, everyone has run into this problem at some point. When there were fewer users, anyone could get the username of their choice. However, as Twitter’s popularity has exploded, it has become increasingly difficult to get a username on the first try (unless it’s a bizarre combination of letters and numbers).

claim inactive twitter username

The worst part is that inactive Twitter users sometimes acquire popular usernames. These accounts have not been seen or heard from in over 6 months.

So, Twitter won’t lock them out or give you their handles. Using an inactive account’s username is forbidden even if the account has been dormant for years.

You could, of course, alter your username slightly to make it look more personal. There are a plethora of fonts available that will help your username pop.

What if, however, two people want the same login name?

Now, what do you think? The login details for a dormant account can be obtained.

Reclaiming a dormant Twitter handle is always an option.

Although there are various methods available, claiming an inactive username is not officially supported.

Finding out how to obtain a dormant Twitter account with a username already in use is the subject of this article.

How to Get an Inactive Twitter Username

Step 1: Get Your Top Level Domain (TLD)

Finding the username is the first step, but registering the corresponding top-level domain should come next. Your top-level domain with (or other) extension is being referred to here.

Using MarkGlickerman as an illustration, if you want to use that as your Twitter handle, you should also acquire the domain name Find a domain name that corresponds to your preferred handle. Keep in mind that if you decide to set up a website in the future, you may have trouble securing a domain name that is identical to your Twitter handle.

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Therefore, you should hurry up and get it.

Step 2: Add it to Your Twitter

If you want people to check out your website, tweet them the link. You should designate your primary website’s domain in your Twitter profile.

Step 3: Make Sure the Profile is Inactive

Don’t forget that we’re only discussing the handles of inactive profiles here; Twitter defines inactive users as those who haven’t logged in for at least a full six months. Those who haven’t tweeted in a while will see an egg icon next to their username. If they haven’t posted in a while, that could be an indication that they have gone dormant.

Those of you who are here because you want to steal the username of a working account, you can stop reading now. Therefore, you will be out of luck if you notice a daily increase in the account’s number of followers or if the account’s overall statistics are ever-changing. But if you know for a fact that the person is inactive, follow these steps.

Step 4: Report It To Twitter (Get Inactive Twitter Handle)

claim inactive twitter username

  • We need you to elaborate:A fake me was selected by default.

claim inactive twitter username

  • After making the above selections, a new form will appear.

  • Then, provide the necessary details, including your Email, the Twitter handle of the offending account, and a justification for why you believe the handle should be unlocked.

claim inactive twitter username

  • You must then provide a photo ID issued by the government, like a passport or driver’s license. You will only be verified as the owner of that ID. Select the send button on your keyboard.

claim inactive twitter username

  • That’s all there is to it; Twitter’s support team will get back to you with an update on your inquiry within the next 24 hours.

Alternative Ways to Get Inactive Twitter Handle

1. Purchase Username

Getting a hold of a popular Twitter handle without actually using Twitter is a convenient shortcut. The owner of the Twitter account can be contacted. However, since the account would be dormant, a reply might be unlikely.

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Find them and offer a reasonable sum of money in exchange for the transfer of the username. It’s important to keep in mind that preventing someone else from registering a username by “squatting” on it is against Twitter’s rules. So, before you make this change, you should check out Twitter’s rules and regulations.

2. Choose a Similar Twitter Name

Since you’ve probably given it some thought already, it might seem obvious. Nonetheless, it is an important point to make. If you’ve exhausted the aforementioned options without success, your final option is to select a username that is very similar to the original.

If you want your username to be as similar to the target’s as possible, you can use an underscore or a dot to achieve this. Avoid having to deal with the hassle of filing impersonation or other similar complaints. A business name could be added to the end of your username to increase brand awareness. It’s a great way to spread word of your company.

3. Wait for a Twitter Purge

In the event that the account has been dormant for an extended period of time, Twitter may remove it automatically.

To find out if the account has been deleted, you must keep checking back. Altering your username just a little bit will suffice until then. But there are no assurances with this approach. It’s also possible that the Twitter profile won’t be updated for a very long time.

claim inactive twitter username

4. Trademark the Name

Obtaining a patent for the username is one way to ensure that you have the legal right to report the user to Twitter. If you obtain a trademark, you can file a copyright case to claim the username as your own. A Twitter account is yours to use if you own the trademark for that handle. However, the procedure can be costly and time-consuming. Only think about it if you really need to have the same username as someone else.

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5. Workarounds For Larger Brands

Is the suffix “official” ever appended to Instagram or Twitter handles? Artists and celebrities who want to prove their authenticity as brand owners or artists are the most likely to use this method. This is done so that legitimate accounts can be distinguished from imposter ones.

claim inactive twitter username

6. Assess the Possibility

Remember that claiming an inactive account is much simpler than obtaining an active one. If you want to increase your chances of getting the username you want, try these:

  • Quite some time ago, in fact.
  • The profile is missing a picture.
  • Lacks any or very few supporters
  • Neither currently tweeting nor very recently tweeting
  • Whether it ends, you own both.

You also have the identical handles on other popular social media sites.

The odds of successfully claiming an inactive account increase if the account you want to claim meets the criteria here.

7. Work on Preparing Your Account

You’ll need to do some preplanning to review the material you already know. Use your real name if you can, fill out your bio, add profile and background pictures, your website, and all other necessary information, and be active on the platform.

This will make it abundantly clear that you intend to keep and make regular use of the handle you are claiming.

In a few days, you may be able to claim that unused username. It might only take a year or two, but that’s not ruled out, either. At first, you’ll get an automated response. It may be a while before you get that wonderful email. For this reason, don’t give up and keep sending in those reports!

In Closing:

Before reviving a dormant Twitter account, you should familiarize yourself with the platform’s rules and guidelines. You’ll get a sense of the future plans and the current choices with that information.

Annually, the percentage of inactive Twitter accounts that are successfully claimed decreases. The Inactive Account Policy is always available on the main page.

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