How to Get IP Address from Text Message

Have you ever gotten a text from a complete stranger? What’s it like to get threatening texts from a stranger? Now and then, people will get messages like this from people they have never heard of. On occasion, parents may overhear their child in conversation with someone they do not know.

find ip address from text messages

It may become necessary to obtain an IP address from a person’s text messages in order to guarantee their safety.

That’s the gist of the question: “can you get an IP address from a text message?” or “is it really possible to track IP address of a person from their texts”?

Simply keeping tabs on an IP address is a complicated task in and of itself. It’s commonly seen as a means of eavesdropping or tracking someone’s whereabouts solely to discover the origin of their messages. If you don’t know anything about the target, it’s even more challenging.

This tutorial will show you how to extract your IP address from your text messages.

First, it’s worth considering why you might need to do this (find IP address from message) in the first place.

Why do You Need to Find IP Address from Text Message?

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The primary concern for attempting to deduce an individual’s IP address and geographical location from their text messages is for their own protection.

Maybe your kid is chatting with people online they don’t know or visiting a questionable website. The anonymity of the internet makes it easy for children to disclose personal information to strangers, especially through text.

Because of this, parents should monitor their children’s online activities and communications.

The IP tracking app is a tool that can be used incognito to strengthen bonds and dispel suspicions.

It’s not always a good idea to pry and find out who someone constantly communicates with. Do it stealthily so that they have no idea you are following their every move.

Furthermore, tracing an IP address appears to be the only way to identify the sender of the threatening or harassing text messages. In other words, it tells you where these messages are coming from so you can make educated guesses.

How to Get IP Address from Text Message

1. IP Grabbing Tool

The IP grabbing tool is the best option to use if you want to discover the user’s IP address by sifting through their text messages.

Although the method is simple and does not require any engineering knowledge, it is effective only if the target is lured into the trap.

In order to use an IP grabbing tool, you must first visit its website in order to obtain a shortened link. Put the link in a separate text box; pasting it directly into the message box looks fishy. Another problem is that if your target is aware of the IP-grabbing tricks, they may never visit your site even if you send them a link.

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Instead of just sending the IP-grabbing link, you should have a serious conversation with the target for a while. Describe it as something interesting they might want to read.

Their IP address will be captured once they click the link and are taken to the IP grabbing website. That is the most ingenious way I’ve come across to glean an IP address from a text message.

2. Mobile Number Tracker by iStaunch

Knowing a user’s mobile phone number facilitates IP address tracking. Their number will be revealed to you if they are sending you texts via your phone number or Whatsapp.

If you or a loved one have been receiving unwanted text messages from this number, you can use the Mobile Number Tracker by iStaunch to find out who it belongs to and what information they may have access to. The app reveals the individual’s details, including their whereabouts.

The most useful feature of a mobile phone tracking service is that it provides you with a complete log of all phone calls made and received by your child. So, you can check on your kid’s phone activity without disturbing them while they’re in the shower or sleeping.

If you want access to your child’s complete message history, there are third-party apps that can do that for you. When you know where your child is and who they are hanging out with while you are at work, you can better supervise them when you are away.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can one legally discover an IP address belonging to another person’s gadgets?

Let us put an end to your concerns right now if you were thinking that discovering the IP address of another person’s device was against the law.

It’s perfectly legal and common practice everywhere in the world. Every industry, from advertising and marketing on social media to policing, now takes IP addresses into account. This is due to the fact that your IP address cannot be used to do any real harm to you. Besides the city you’re in and perhaps some information about how you use the internet, no one else will be able to track you down.

This means that you have the same access to other people’s IP addresses as these agencies do.

May I request a change of my IP address?

If you have recently learned that your IP address can be used to track your browsing history and thus alter your future internet experiences, you may wish to switch IP addresses.

Even though this occurs mostly independently of you, you need not be concerned; you can cause it to occur on your own, too. It’s as simple as asking your ISP to change your IP address.

To further protect your identity online in the future, you should also subscribe to a virtual private network (VPN).

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