How to Hide My Instagram Account from Search

Over the past decade, major social media sites like Facebook and Twitter have made considerable investments to ensure their users’ security. Virtually all of today’s popular social networking apps have their own privacy policies and are known to penalize users severely if they violate them. The constant influx of new, young users is a major factor.

hide instagram account from search

Instagram’s age restriction (13 and up) has been refined through numerous policy updates over the past few years.

The question, “How to hide your Instagram account from search bar?” is an example of the type of inquiry we’ll be addressing today.

You’ve found the right place if this is what you’re wondering. What to do if you want to avoid blocking someone on Instagram but still want to hide from them has also been covered.

Can You Hide Instagram Account from Search?

One cannot, alas, make their Instagram account invisible in search. But if you don’t want a specific person to be able to see your account, you can block them. Make sure you remember that this will only hide your account from the specified person and not Instagram in general.

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Despite Instagram’s many safeguards, it makes no sense to obfuscate your profile in the search bar. Other precautions can be taken to prevent your profile from being discovered.

How to Hide Instagram Account from Search

1. Block Their Instagram Profile

The most basic and straightforward method of keeping someone from discovering your Instagram account is to simply block them. The best way to make sure that someone can’t find you on Instagram even if they create a new account is to block them.

If the person can’t be blocked and you’re worried about them seeing all of your posts and story updates, we’ve got a workaround for that, too. Simply switch to a private Instagram setting. Only those people whose follow requests you accept will be able to view your full profile. What do you think?

2. Make Your Instagram Account Private

  • Get Instagram up and running on your mobile device and sign in to your account.
  • In most cases, your home screen will be the first screen you see. It is possible to find and visit theSign In page.
  • Look for the icon of three dots in a vertical line in the upper right corner of the display to access additional settings. The link must be clicked.
  • A pull-down menu will show up. Make your way to the menu’s first option, “Settings,” and click there.
  • The Privacy setting is the third option in the Settings menu.
  • There is a first option for Account privacy at the top of the screen.Exclusive membershipand a switch to turn it on and off. It’s disabled by default. Start it up.
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To sum up, there it is. In the future, only the people you choose to see your Instagram posts won’t be able to view them.

3. Make Your Account Less Visible

We have a few tips that may help you remain somewhat visible on Instagram while still remaining visible in search results.

But keep in mind that these methods won’t make you completely invisible; you just won’t show up on other people’s profiles as suggestions or in any other way. Instagram users can easily find each other if they know each other’s usernames and then search for each other.


You cannot make your Instagram profile invisible in the search bar. Furthermore, there is no rationale for doing so. To completely avoid someone on Instagram, you can simply block them.

How do you avoid being seen by someone who is a close friend or relative but not someone you can block? We’ve laid out all the options available to you above if you want to fade into the background. To avoid any confusion in the Instagram settings, we have also provided detailed instructions for completing each task.

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