How to Hide Phone Number in Whatsapp Group

Whatsapp is a trusted and safe messaging app that bridges geographical and cultural gaps. You can always use Whatsapp to send your loved ones a text message updating them on your whereabouts. However, the company has taken privacy quite seriously, perhaps more so than ever before in light of the growing number of security issues affecting Whatsapp.

hide phone number in whatsapp group

However, there are some security-related features that users of Whatsapp would like to see implemented. Consider the use of Whatsapp groups. The occasional addition of users to seemingly random Whatsapp groups is hardly surprising. Someone who knows them or the Whatsapp group admin adds them when they click on the links sent to the group. In either case, however, the biggest problem people have is that their phone number gets shared with everyone in the group. That begs the question, how exactly are they keeping this figure secret?

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Leaving the group is, obviously, the simplest option. Under the menu that appears when you click the three dots in a group chat, there is an option to leave the conversation permanently. However, that won’t prevent the group members from seeing your number. Not to mention, there are times when staying with the pack is preferable. What if the group is focused on something other than the latest celebrity scandal, a delicious new recipe, or the stresses of the workplace or classroom? So now we’re all wondering, “How can a person join a Whatsapp group without their phone numbers being shared with the other members?”

How to Hide Phone Number in Whatsapp Group

When it comes to the safety of its users, WhatsApp has always been concerned. You couldn’t keep your number secret in a group before, but now you can. You had to be willing to have your membership number shared amongst the group members. Even though sharing the number with others is perfectly fine, it’s possible that a group of completely unrelated people could all be included. Not to mention, you can never tell who among the users has malicious motives.

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Your number can be saved and used by anyone. To address growing concerns about harassment, stalking, and other issues, WhatsApp has released this feature. Finally, the app has released a new feature that allows users to keep their phone number secret from the rest of the group. A separate app is unnecessary. To keep your personal information private, WhatsApp provides a built-in tool. Let’s jump right into the procedure with no preamble.

Step 1:Get WhatsApp going on your Apple or Google gadget.

Step 2:There should be three vertical dots in the upper right corner of your mobile screen. If you want to change the settings, click here.

Step 3:There’s a drop-down menu of settings right under your profile. Just pick the first option, “Account.”

Step 4:The “privacy” button must be selected.

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Step 5:To prevent random people from being able to see your Whatsapp number, select “My Contacts” or “nobody” from the “about” menu.

The developers behind Whatsapp recently implemented this security measure so that users wouldn’t have to give out their phone numbers or other personal information to anyone outside of their contact list. Choose “nobody” from the drop-down menu if you don’t want your contacts to see your phone number. The aforementioned procedures will prevent your Whatsapp contacts from seeing your personal phone number. When someone adds you to a group at random in the future, you shouldn’t have to worry about strangers gleaning your personal information from the group and using it inappropriately.

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