How to Import PDFs in Canva: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

One of the most dependable and convenient ways to store data and create documentation is with a portable document format (PDF). Canva makes it simple to import PDFs for editing. It’s also simple to pick up and put into practice.

PDFs and Canva files can be imported for further editing. Your PDFs can be altered in any way you see fit. At the moment, you can only access this on from a desktop browser.

As a means of developing and refining your originality, broadening your knowledge base is essential. Canva provides a tutorial on how to make invoices.

How to Import & Customize PDF Files in Canva

Import PDFs in Canva in 7 Easy Steps

First, open a browser and go to was previously mentioned, you can only access this function of Canva from your desktop browser at It’s compatible with all major browsers.

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Simply enter ‘’ into the search bar.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 1

Step-2 Select the tab labeled “Create a design”:Click the Make a design button in the upper right corner of the main page. The button can be accessed in the upper left hand corner of the display. The color is Purple.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 2

Third, choose the file to import.After selecting “Create a design” in the previous window, continue to the following window.

  • You’ll have a lot of selections available to you.
  • Select the third option, labeled “Import File,” from the drop-down menu.
Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 3

Fourth, pick the portable document format file you wish to modify:Select the pdf on your computer’s desktop and click “Open” to bring it into Canva.

As a time-saving measure while using Canva, we recommend keeping the PDF file handy.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 4

Action #5 Select “Your Projects”To access your projects, select the link labeled “Your projects” from the main page’s navigation bar. You’ll find this option in the Canva Web side menu, just below the Home tab.

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Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 5

Step-6 When you upload a file to the Canva web app, you’ll see the following:The uploading process is underway in your ‘uploads’ directory. The file’s status can be viewed in a separate window. There are also only a few clicks between pausing the import and continuing it, or canceling it entirely.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 6

Step-7 To get started, open the PDF by clicking here:After the PDF has been imported, you can open it in the Canva editor by clicking on it. You can now make any changes you’d like to the PDF and save your changes before downloading them.

Image titled import PDF in Canva Step 7

What How Long a PDF Should Be?

PDF length is entirely subject to the information contained within it. There will be more pages in the PDF if it contains a lot of content. And if there are a lot of pages in the PDF. Then it will grow in size or length.

Canva allows you to add media to your PDFs?

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The number of images in a pdf is not limited. However, media like music or video can’t be embedded. A PDF cannot play a video with animation. The answer is to embed a link to the media file in the PDF itself. A user should be able to click on the link.

If so, does Canva allow for grid spacing?

The Canva app makes it simple to insert grid spacing. The PDF’s layout and editing processes will benefit greatly from this. Canva makes it simple to implement grids in your designs.

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