How to Know My Number of Followers on Snapchat

The long-awaited Snapchat premium membership is now available to everyone. As members, we’ll have access to a number of cool new features that will make using Snapchat even better. Do we take Snapchat’s launch of Snapchat as evidence that the app wasn’t entertaining enough before? Hardly. The platform is unlike any other you’ve seen, both in terms of the special features it offers and the standard ones it does not.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Because of the absence of a number of standard options, new users of Snapchat often report that they are having trouble getting acclimated to the platform.

Consider, as an illustration, the quantity of your Snapchat followers. To be honest, it’s not surprising that you’re having trouble determining how many people are following you on the platform.

In the following sections, we’ll show you how to use these Snapchat tools and determine whether or not it’s possible to view statistics like your follower count. The only way to find out is to read on.

Is it Possible to Know My Number of Followers on Snapchat?

First, we need to make sure you understand what’s going on in this blog. No such thing exists, as they say.followersvia Snap Chat. There are “friends” in a personal account and “subscribers” in a public account.

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Similarly to how Instagram doesn’t use the term “friends,” Snapchat doesn’t use the term “followers.”

We will therefore assume the following about your desired Snapchat follower count:

  • How many pals you have: If you have added the same Snapchat user, you are friends.
  • The total of people who have added you but not been added by you.

If you have a public account, the number of people who have opted in to receiving updates from you is known as your subscriber count.

Each of the aforementioned scenarios serves a unique function, so we’ll go over it separately, telling you how many people are subscribed to your public account, how many people are friends with you, and how many people have added you as a friend.

Let’s not dally and get right into the three examples.

How to Know the Number of Friends on Snapchat

SnapChat’s mysterious algorithm obscures your friend count from view, and we have no idea why.

The platform presumably doesn’t want its users to stress out over their friend counts. At one point or another in our lives, we have all become obsessed with increasing our number of Facebook friends or Instagram followers. Snapchat clearly doesn’t want its users to place value in the quantity of their friends but rather on the quality of their relationships with those friends.

However, weaknesses can be found in unusual places. There is a method that will reveal your exact number of Snapchat friends. Here are the measures you must take to determine your Snapchat friend count.

Step 1:Initiate access to Snapchat by opening the app.

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Step 2:The Camera menu will open up. You’ll find Snap Map down in the bottom left corner; tap it.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 3:To modify Snap Map’s settings, select the cogwheel in the menu’s upper right corner.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 4: Under the My Location section of the Settings screen, you’ll find the option to share your location with Only These Friends. Select this menu item.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 5:An index of your pals will appear before you.

Click on each of your pals on the list. Select All could be a button you need to click next to each letter. As a result, you will only have to make a choice a maximum of twenty-six times. Then, click the Save button near the bottom of the screen.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 6: Bingo! Under the Only These Friends menu, you’ll see how many people you’re connected to. In the end, it will look like this.

know my number of followers on snapchat

The group includes: Annie, Bob, Catherine, and 25 others

That adds up to a grand total of 28 pals for you. Just as easily, you can calculate how many of your friends there are.

How to Know the Number of People Who have Added You

Snapchat’s Added Me section also displays the total number of people who have added you. To find out who added you, do the following:

Step 1: SnapChat requires you to launch the app and sign in.

Step 2: Select the Add Friends button on the upper right. The plus sign ( ) with a silhouette of a man is the Add Friends button.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 3:The section labeled “Added Me” comes first in the list. Whoever has added you on Snapchat will be displayed here. These individuals are easy to manually count.

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know my number of followers on snapchat

NOTE: You should not consider the people who have added you as friends until you have added them back. The user will disappear from this list once you accept their friend request by tapping the Accept button.

How to know the number of subscribers on Snapchat

When you make your Snapchat account public, followers can access your stories and other updates even if they don’t add you. Snapchat allows you to view the number of your followers, but only under certain circumstances.

If your list has more than 5,000 subscribers, you will be able to view its size. It is set to hide values below 5000.

Step 1: Launch the app and select your bitmoji in the upper left corner to access your profile.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Step 2: Seek out the Public Profiles heading toward the bottom of the page. Select the option I’ll Let People See My Profile.

Step 3: The page you land on will be your public profile, where people can see your name, username, and the number of people who are subscribed to you.

know my number of followers on snapchat

Wrapping Up

Let’s review the topics covered in this blog one last time.

Snapchat doesn’t have a “followers” feature, but you can count your friends with a simple hack. In the Added Me sub-section, the total number of people who have added you will be shown. If you have a public account with more than 5000 subscribers, you will also be able to view the total number of subscribers.

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