How to Know Who Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

Snapchat, like any other social networking site, respects its users’ right to privacy. For this reason, the app has rolled out a slew of cool new features that ensure users’ privacy while still letting them share their content with those they care about.

know who blocked you from seeing their story on snapchat

Previously, there was no way to prevent others from viewing your Snapchat stories, but now you can. If someone removes you from their story list, you won’t receive notifications whenever they add new content.

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not alert you if you have been blocked from viewing a user’s story.

For the most part, you probably won’t be able to see their stories because they’ve restricted access to “friends only” and you’re not on their friend list. There’s also the possibility that a technical issue is to blame.

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Story is unavailable” appears as an error message on Snapchat occasionally. However, that is not always indicative of a blocked user. A misunderstanding or a technical problem could be to blame.

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to identify Snapchat users who have disabled your access to their stories.

Is it Possible to Know Who Blocked You From Seeing Their Story on Snapchat?

Unfortunately, Snapchat does not provide any way to find out who has blocked you from viewing their story. Users’ privacy will be invaded if this is allowed. Friends, excluding those on their block list, should be able to see their story. In addition, there is no obvious way to find out if you have been blocked from viewing a user’s Snapchat story.

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There are, however, some workarounds that may allow you to determine whether or not a user has blocked you from accessing their Snapchat story.

How to Tell if Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Snapchat

If the target has set their privacy to “friends only,” you can find out if the story is visible to them by asking a mutual friend who follows both of your accounts.

Unfortunately, this strategy requires this individual to already be one of the target’s Facebook friends. If their Snapchat story is set to “everyone,” you can view it by simply asking someone else who has access to their account.

See if that mutual friend can forward you the target’s uploaded story. If you get a “story unavailable” or “content not available” error, it’s likely because the user has blocked you.


Now that we’ve reached the end of the blog, let’s review everything we covered.

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We talked about the different ways you can check if you can see someone else’s Snapchat story after they’ve blocked you. Even though the app doesn’t make it easy for us to figure it out, there are hints dotted around that could be useful.

We started by talking about checking your end for bugs and network instability. You can check with a friend on the app to see if they have blocked you, or you can do so independently. If they have blocked you from seeing their stories, you could make a second or fake account.

We hope these clues were useful in confirming your suspicions about the person.

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