How to Logout on Zoom: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

Sign out of Zoom when you’re done with work-related meetings. This aids in keeping a healthy balance between online and offline activities.

During the pandemic, the zoom app has made it easier to get work done, but it’s important to log off and take care of yourself.

Similar to how you can pause a Google Meet session by turning off the camera, the Zoom app gives you the option to do the same thing.

Follow this detailed blog post to learn how to log out of the Zoom app.

How to Sign Out of Zoom on Your Computer

Logout From The Zoom Application In 4 Easy Steps

Step-1 Pull up the Zoom app.Zoom in using this image as a guide and your computer’s default settings.

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In order to start recording video, locate the camera app on your device.

Image titled logout on Zoom step 1

Step-2 To Learn Further, Please…Select “more” from the zoom app’s main menu. The more option, represented by the three dots icon, is located next to the contact option.

Image titled logout on Zoom step 2

Step-3 Go Down and Select the Sign Out LinkTo close the pop-up window, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the window, then tap “Sign Out” at the bottom. Click the “Sign Out” link now.

Image titled logout on Zoom step 3

Step-4 To verify, please click Yes.A confirmation prompt will appear on your screen asking if you’re sure you want to log out. To confirm your logout, select the “Yes” button.

Image titled logout on Zoom step 4

How To Login To The Zoom Application?

Zoom is an app that can be downloaded from either the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store before you can sign in.

Now you can set up your Zoom account by adding a profile picture, name, and other personal information. Create a one-of-a-kind Zoom ID for yourself and protect it with a strong password.

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Turn on the microphone and camera if you want to talk or see each other. When you join a meeting in zoom, you’ll have the option to modify these settings at any time.

After you have entered all of your login information, a verification email will be sent to your id; click the link in the email to activate your zoom account.

Connecting your Apple, Facebook, or Google account to Zoom is also an option. If you’d rather not make a new Zoom account, you can use an existing one.

Do I Need To Logout From All Devices Separately?

Leaving from multiple devices at once is not only possible, but encouraged. The zoom app has a profile setting where you can change this.

To access your linked accounts, look for the’Linked Accounts’ option in the drop-down menu that just appeared. Now select “sign me out from all devices” from the drop-down menu.

The Zoom app will show a pop-up asking you to verify that you want to sign out of all devices.

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Simply by clicking the “confirm” button, you will be logged out of all devices. Make sure you can recall your password for this account before proceeding.

Can I Use Zoom From Two Devices At The Same Time?

The zoom app is not multi-platform, so you can’t use it on two devices at once. The Zoom mobile app will log you out of the service if you access it from a computer running the desktop client.

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