How to Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

The Google Sheets app has a number of formatting options and features, and you can customize the size of the cells to better accommodate the text.

You read that correctly The Google Sheets app allows you to format the cells to accommodate your text. Doing so is a best practice for working with Google Sheets, and it also helps your sheet look more professional. This is not a simple method if you haven’t mastered it. Let’s get started with this article by discovering the four simple steps required to properly format your Google Sheets cells for text.

How to Auto Size Cells to Fit in Google Sheets

Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text in 4 Steps

The First Step: Open a Google SpreadsheetIf you’re following along on a mobile device, the first thing you’ll want to do is launch the Google Sheets app.

We’ll be using Google Sheets on a desktop or personal computer (PC) for the purposes of this article. In other words, here’s what you need to do on your PC in order to access Google Sheets:

  • A computer’s internet browser must be opened.
  • Enter the address of the Google Sheets document you want to access. Going to ‘Google Sheets’ will also let you start a new spreadsheet.
  • Then, once the spreadsheet has opened, use the search bar to find the information you need.
image titled  Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 1

Phase 2: Select the Spaces Between the ColumnsOnce you’ve entered your information into the spreadsheet, it should resemble the example shown below.

Select the space between the two columns to proceed. This is done so that the column can be resized to fit your content.

image titled  Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 2

Double the Third Step To View This Example, Please Click HereAs you can see in the image below, the space in between the two columns will be colored blue. Simply double-click on the blue area to proceed.

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image titled  Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 3

Fourth, your text has been optimized for mobile:If you double-click the blue area in the previous step, the text you type in the corresponding cells will adjust to fit the column’s width. It’s quick and easy to do!

image titled  Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 4


Is there a way to have the cells in Google Sheets automatically resize to accommodate the text that I type into them?

Following these steps in order will cause the Google Sheets cells to grow to accommodate the appropriate text.

  • First, choose which column (or columns) you need to widen so that the text fits.
  • To remove a column from the selection, simply right-click on it.
  • The resizing menu item will show up. Now is the time to select “Resize Columns” from the available options.
  • The next step is to open the ‘Resize Column’ dialogue box and select the ‘Fit to Data’ option.
  • To finish, select OK from the menu.

Is there a way to make Google Sheets columns narrower so that text fits?

You can now automatically adjust the column widths to fit your text. However, a natural inquiry arises, namely, whether or not it is possible to reduce the size of the columns in the same fashion.

There is a resounding no to this query at the present time. Google Spreadsheets does not currently have any built-in tools to automatically adjust font size to fit the width of a cell.

We’re doing everything we can to come up with options that might be useful here. Be patient; we’re working on a solution.

Is there a way for me to use autofit in Google Docs?

The autofit function is available in the Google docs applications for a wide range of word documents and text files, just like it is in the Google Sheets app. A Google Sheets file can be converted to a pdf and viewed in Google Docs.

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What follows are the measures you should take to accomplish this:

  • You should launch either the Google Slides app or your web browser to access the presentation.
  • Select the ‘Format’ options by clicking the ‘Format’ tab.
  • The ‘Text fitting’ option is on the sidebar. Just go ahead and tap that link.
  • Then, just use your right mouse button to select a box or text replacement and make your changes.
  • On the right, you’ll see a menu.
  • Choose “Text fitting” from the main menu.
  • The text will adjust itself to the new size.





A Different Approach

If you’re using Google Sheets, it only takes 5 simple steps to format the cells so that the text fits inside.

Text in a Google Sheet cell often overflows because it is too long. Adjusting the size of the rows or columns will allow you to fit the text. There is a simpler approach, though. This article will explain how to format Google Sheets so that the text fills in appropriately sized cells.

Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text: 5 Steps

The First Step – Launch Google Sheets:We need to have the Google Sheets app installed on our device before we can get into the specifics of how to make the cell fit text in Google Sheets.

  • Try clicking on the A4-sized green paper icon. You can see white outlines of cells all over it.
  • If you have trouble finding it, try searching for “google sheets” in the Play Store.
  • The app is available in the Play Store, so you can download it now.

image titled Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 1

Second, select the letter B from the gray box:When a cell’s contents become too large to fit, the next step is to right-click on the column (or row) that needs to be adjusted. It will turn grey in the column. For reference, I’ve included a screen grab from Google Sheets.

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image titled Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 2

Step 3 – Select the three-dot option:When you right-click on a column (or row), a menu of choices will appear. To access the menu for customizing the spreadsheet, tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the tab.

  • Change the commenting, sorting, column widths, etc. settings as needed.
  • You can hide that column to make it easier to work with the sheet without feeling overwhelmed by its size.

image titled Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 3

Click the “Resize Column” button in Step 4.We can skip the previous step because there are only two choices available. Hide column, or adjust column width. To make the selected column narrower or wider to accommodate the text, click the “Resize Column” button.

image titled Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 4

5. Select fit to data to adjust the size of the cells in Google Sheets to accommodate the text you’ve entered.There are two choices available once you select “Resize Column”. As a first step, you can either increase or decrease the current pixel count from its default of 21.

  • Google Sheets’ default font size is 21 pixels. Choose “Fit to data” if you prefer.
  • Without having to manually adjust the size of the column, this feature will adapt the column width to the contents of each cell.
  • Fit to text is a more time- and labor-saving option.

image titled Make Google Sheets Cells Fit Text step 5Conclusion

There are numerous instances where the text in a cell of a Google Sheet is too long to fit in the cell. The size of the rows and columns can be adjusted so that the text is properly displayed. It’s true that there’s a more convenient alternative.

No doubt, resizing columns is a fantastic tool for cleaning up a disorganized spreadsheet. One use case is adjusting the column width to better organize the displayed data. To sum up, this improves the aesthetics of the spreadsheet and facilitates our work on it.

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