How to Mention Friends on Snapchat Story: 6 Steps (with Pictures)

Just like on Instagram, you can tag friends in your Snapchat stories. Snapchat allows you to “tag” your friends by entering their username.

Like how you can save Snapchat stories automatically, tagging a user in your story will immediately alert that person that you’ve mentioned them.

Read this guide if you need more information about tagging a friend in a Snapchat story.

How To Tag People On Snapchat Story

Mention Friends on Snapchat Story in 6 Simple Steps

Step-1 To use Snapchat, open the app:The process begins with launching the Snapchat app on a mobile device. Like the Snapchat icon in this image, the Snapchat icon is a yellow square.

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If you haven’t done so already, go grab the app from the App Store or Google Play.

Image titled mention friends on Snapchat story step 1

Step-2 Press Snapchat’s camera features:The Snapchat app’s main menu is the first thing you see after launching it. The camera button (a circular icon) is located at the very bottom of the display. To proceed, please press the aforementioned button.

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Step-3 Find the Stickers icon and tap it:When you select a snap, a list of vertical options will appear on the screen’s right side. Locate the “Stickers” button now. You can continue the process by tapping on it.

Image titled mention friends on Snapchat story step 3

Step-4 Select Mention if…After that, you’ll be able to choose from a variety of options via icons like gif, location, story, poll, etc. Find the “Mention” button by scrolling down. To proceed, please select it and click the button.

Image titled mention friends on Snapchat story step 4

Step-5 Enter the Name of Your Friend:To tag a friend in your Snapchat story, simply type their name into the box provided. However, when you go to add their name, Snapchat will offer a few suggestions.

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Step-6 Select Your Pal by Clicking on His or Her Name:When that’s done, your friend’s Snapchat username will appear. Tap the person and confirm to include them in your narrative.

Image titled mention friends on Snapchat story step 6

Does Snapchat Notify My Friend When I Mention Them in My Story?

Yes. Any time you tag a friend in a story on Snapchat, they’ll get a notification. No matter what you do, they will receive the message.

Once you send a Snap to a friend and include their username, they will immediately receive the message. They are also free to alter the original photo and distribute it again.

Can Other Contacts in My List See Who I Have Mentioned in My Story?

People who follow you on Snapchat will be able to see who you have mentioned in your story if you make it public. However, only the friend you specifically name will receive a notification.

However, Snapchat also allows users to create private stories that can only be viewed by a select group of friends. Anyone you mention in a private story will only be visible to the other friends who have access to it.

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Is Snapchat Story Safer than Instagram Story?

In some ways, Snapchat is more secure than Instagram. Snapchat will let you know if someone takes a screenshot of your message or story, whereas Instagram won’t.

If one of your Snapchat friends screenshots your photo or message, you’ll be alerted. Furthermore, Snapchat’s messaging features are more discreet than Instagram’s.

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