How to Pin Email in Gmail App: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

There is an option for “pinning” a specific Chat or Space in the Google chat app or in Gmail. Pinboards are displayed to the left of the user’s screen. Pinning a conversation or group chat ensures that it always appears at the top of your Gmail inbox. All users, whether they’re on Android, iOS, or the web, have access to the pinned chat feature. Following this article’s instructions, you’ll be able to bookmark emails in the Gmail app.

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Pin Email in Gmail App

Step 1 – Launch the Gmail App:To begin, it’s necessary to activate your iPhone or Android.

  • After that, open the Gmail app via the device’s menu.
  • After that, you can access Gmail by selecting the app’s icon from your home screen.
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Second, select the heart icon.A star icon will be visible in the upper right corner of the Gmail app window.

  • Every email also has a star icon on the right side. In order to proceed, please select the heart icon.
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Pin Email in Gmail App by Opening Mail

Firstly, launch the Gmail app:To access the menu on your iPhone or Android, please open the device and then press the home button. You can access your Gmail account by selecting the app’s icon from your phone’s main menu.

  • Then, the Gmail app will launch once you tap its icon.
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Step 2- Open Email: When the Gmail app opens up, scroll through the primary inbox. In the primary inbox find out the Email that you want.

  • Just open the email by clicking on the link.
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Third, select the Favorite button:Next, a star icon will appear in the email’s interface upon opening. To add your email to the Favorites list, just click the star icon.

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Pin Multiple Emails in Gmail App

Initiate Communication with Gmail:After launching your iPhone or Android, navigate to the menu. In your phone’s menu, look for the Gmail app icon.

  • After that, tapping the Gmail app icon will open your inbox.
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Second, choose multiple emails to send:Emails can be viewed by scrolling through your primary inbox page in the Gmail app.

  • The next step is to select the desired Emails from that inbox, which may be a large number.
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Step 3: Click the Vertically Centered DotsThen, a gray navigation bar will appear at the very top of the screen. Find the three dots in a row at the top of the bar and click on them.

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The Fourth-Step Tap the Add Star:The options menu can be accessed by selecting the three dots in the top right corner.

  • Then, select the More action menu and look for the Add star option.
  • To make an email a staple in your Gmail inbox, select it and then tap the star icon.
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Pin Email Through Settings

First, launch the Gmail app.Open up your iPhone or Android’s menu and have a look around.

  • The Gmail icon for the app can be found in the main menu of the device.
  • If you tap the Gmail app icon, you’ll be taken straight to your inbox.
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Tap the three horizontal lines in Step 2:A search field is displayed at the top of the main inbox page in the Gmail app. Three horizontal bars appear to the left of the search bar.

  • The next step is to tap the three horizontal lines.
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Three, select “Settings”Select items from a menu that appears when you tap the menu button (it looks like three vertical dots).

  • Then, select the gear icon and look for the Settings option in the menu that appears.
  • Select Settings from the menu that appears.
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Method Four: Check Your EmailSelecting the Settings menu brings up a new screen. The new tab displays a number of your personal email addresses.

  • To read an email, simply click on the link to it.
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Step 5: Select the Email account type:Then, on the following page, look for the Inbox heading. Next, select the Inbox format from the list.

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Select Categories in Step 6:A new window will pop up when you select Inbox as the message format. Next, choose the desired tags from the resulting dialogue box.

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For the iPhone version of Gmail, how do I “pin” it?

Follow these steps to put an end to an unproductive discussion.

  • Open up your Gmail or chat app.
  • You can save a chat by clicking the Chat tab at the very bottom. Select Spaces at the bottom to bookmark a location.
  • You can press and hold on the chat or space’s name. You can choose to either Pin or Unpin.

When using Gmail, how do I “pin” specific features?

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Here’s yet another way to generate a PIN:

  • Look in the PIN area of your Google Account. Perhaps a login is required.
  • Choosing Make a personal identification number.
  • Select a private PIN and proceed as directed. Don’t use something obvious like your birthday as a password. In no circumstances should you reuse a PIN.
  • Pick the Save option.

Can you pin messages in Gmail?

Simply mouse over the email, and then press the pin button, to make it the most visible message in your inbox until you remove it. Pinning emails is an option that you can enable.

How do I create a sidebar pin?

The sidebar pane can be pinned for later use by clicking the pin icon at the sidebar’s footer. When you open a new tab or click a link, the sidebar pane will remain visible and the two windows will coexist without merging.

Exactly how does the PIN function on the iPhone work?

Protect your mobile data and phone calls with a personal identification number (PIN) on your SIM card. A SIM PIN can keep unauthorized users from accessing your SIM data or making calls with your SIM card.

If you see a PIN in your Gmail, what does that mean?

You can make a conversation easier to recall by “pinning” it to the top of your Google Chat list. You can also make a specific location the default for new pins. A dot will show up next to any conversations you’ve pinned or any threads that have unread messages.

To what do “pinned emails” refer?

By “pinning” an email, you ensure that it will always be at the top of the list from which you can retrieve it quickly. Launch the Outlook app on your mobile device and navigate to the email you’d like to pin. Unpinning your email is as simple as repeating the above steps, but this time you’ll have to make the active decision to unpin.

And what ends up happening to pinned messages?

You can “pin” a conversation to the top of your text stream in a circular fashion, ensuring that it will always be visible to you. If you swipe right or long press on any text, you’ll be able to permanently archive up to nine conversations. Above the contact’s photo, a chat bubble will open up, giving you a sneak peek at any new messages in that conversation.

How many messages can I pin at once?

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Only one message can be pinned at a time. A pinned message will not interfere with a live conversation. A pinned message can be removed or replaced by any user in a chat, visitors excluded.

To stop receiving emails from a certain address, follow these steps.

Can you delete something that you pinned?

Select the pin you want to delete by clicking the right mouse button on it in the Pinboard section of the app. Choose “Delete” from the menu that appears.

For what reasons do people use email?

E-mail, or electronic mail, is a term for messages transmitted and received between digital computers over a network. Email allows users on a network to communicate with one another by sending and receiving not just text but also images, sounds, and animations. Learn the steps to “pinning” a contact in Google Meet.

Can I rearrange my inbox so that the most recent messages show up before the ones I’ve highlighted or pinned?

You can always organize your inbox’s contents, so there’s no need to worry about missing anything. By clicking the cog icon in the page’s upper right-hand corner, you’ll see a list of options; select Default from the Inbox type list.

Can I flag unread messages in Gmail?

You can actually pin messages that haven’t been read. Then the unread emails will be moved to the top. Click the gear icon in the upper right corner of the page, then select the Unread first option under Inbox type.

Is there any difference between the Star and Pin inboxes?

The ability to send a star or pin via email is separate, unfortunately. Gmail lacks a pin feature while Outlook has one. The asterisk feature can be used to send urgent messages. However, the Pin function will raise the message to the top of the inbox. Though, the star function allows the messages to be pinned.

What’s the difference between pinning and flagging an email in Outlook?

Marking an email in Outlook adds it to a list for later review. An email’s start and end times, as well as its deadline and priority, can all be customized. Pins are one-of-a-kind items. You can “pin” an email so that it always appears at the top of your inbox by clicking the little pin icon that appears in the upper-right corner of the message.

You can learn more about pinning emails in the Gmail app and related topics by reading the frequently asked questions below.

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