How to Print Email from Gmail App: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

You can’t seem to get your work documents to download or print? In order to save time and effort, it is recommended that you print any attachments to emails, such as documents, images, or PDF files. Check out this detailed procedure for printing Gmail messages.

How To Print Email From Gmail App

Steps to Print Email from Gmail

Firstly, launch the Gmail app:Ensure that the Gmail app is present on your mobile device. In case you haven’t already, look for it in the app or play store on your Android or iOS device to download and install.

  • After the app is successfully installed, it will appear in your device’s main menu or app menu.
  • To access Gmail, either browse your apps or type “Gmail” into the app menu’s search bar.
  • The app’s logo is an “M” that could be interpreted as a letter, suggesting that it is a mail-related app.
  • You can see Google’s classic colors—blue, yellow, green, and red—in the “M” shape.
  • Select the image that reads “Gmail” to open your inbox.
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2nd Step: Access the Email You Wish to Print:Second, before you try to print an email, you need to be logged into the account you want to print it from. You will be prompted to sign in with your username and password if you are not already logged in.

  • After successfully logging in, you will be directed to your account’s homepage.
  • Here, you can access your inbox straight from your account’s main page. Then you can begin your search for the missing mail.
  • Just scroll down through everything or use the “search mail” bar up top.
  • If you tap on the mail icon, it will open the message you were looking for.

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Third, select the “more” option by tapping the corresponding icon.In the top right corner of the email, you’ll see a vertical three-dot icon. When you put your mouse pointer over this image, the word “more” will appear. This button can be tapped to reveal additional configuration choices.

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Here’s the fourth and final step: tap the print button and select your printer.Doing so will reveal a list of choices in a new column. They’ll show up as a pull-down menu.

  • Printing is the top-four selection.
  • To print this email, just tap on the link. It details where the email will be printed to, how many pages it will have, what color the layout will be, and gives you the option to change more settings via a drop-down menu.
  • Save it to a folder on your computer, wherever that may be.
  • To view available choices, select the down arrow next to the desired location.
  • If you want to see more choices, you can either click “see more” or use Microsoft’s print to PDF and Save as Pdf tools.
  • Be sure you’re ready to print by selecting all the appropriate options and then clicking the button below.

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When you need to print an email from Gmail quickly and easily, use the steps outlined above.

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  1. Select the printer icon to print the entire thing, including the addresses of both parties, if you so desire. It sits above the three-dot icon and next to the main focus. It will generate a comprehensive printout automatically.


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