How to Print WhatsApp Messages: 8 Simple Steps

As is common knowledge, WhatsApp is a major player in the IM market. Furthermore, we’ve all participated in it at one time or another. However, many of us overlook a fundamental capability – the ability to print WhatsApp messages. To get a hard copy of your WhatsApp chats, you don’t even need to use a computer. Disbelieve us? Read this book and find out for yourself!

WhatsApp | The Easy Way To Print Text Messages

Learn to print WhatsApp messages in just 8 steps

Let’s pretend someone needs to print some WhatsApp messages. It may appear complicated, but it’s really not. Taking a screenshot on your phone, then bringing it into Photoshop where you can play around with the settings should do the trick. The good news is that you no longer have to. We’ll show you how to print your WhatsApp messages in just 8 simple steps right here in this post.Let’s get right down to business, then!

The First Step – Launch WhatsApp:Naturally, the first thing to do is launch WhatsApp on your mobile device. If you tap the app’s icon, it will launch in your device’s browser.

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Second, select the “more” option (3 dots) in the upper right hand corner:The second step is to open the app’s menu by tapping the button with three vertical dots in the upper right corner. If you click it, a menu will slide out from the top right corner of your screen, giving you a number of choices.

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Third, select “Settings” from the menu that appears.In this hypothetical drop-down menu, there are six possible selections. The last ‘Settings’ option must be tapped to make it the active one.

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Fourth, go to where it says “Chats”:From here, you can access a new menu where the second option, “Chats,” can be found. To choose it, just tap on it.

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Fifth, select the “Chat History” menu item:Then, select “Chat history” from the drop-down menu. (Additionally, it’s the very last choice at the very bottom of the app screen.)

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Tap the ”Export chat” button (6th step):Choosing “Export chat” as the first menu option is the sixth action. When you click this button, you’ll be taken to a list of all the conversations currently open in your chat window.

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Step 7 – Pick the conversation whose messages you wish to print:Choose the conversation whose messages you wish to print from the conversation window. Choosing who to talk to is as easy as tapping their name.

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Eighth, choose the destination for the printed messages.The eighth and final step is to decide how you’d like to distribute and print the messages. And that’s how you can get your WhatsApp messages in print without having to deal with Photoshop.

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Wrapping up

This concludes our 8-step guide on how to print WhatsApp messages. We hope this tutorial makes it simple for you to print your WhatsApp messages. Leave a comment if you have any other questions about WhatsApp or its features.

Here’s How to Print a WhatsApp Message Once More

There are a number of scenarios in which printing WhatsApp messages could be useful. If you want a hard copy of your WhatsApp conversation, you can print it out. The method for doing so is straightforward. However, an operational email account is required for its proper execution. You’ll also need the ability to print documents from your computer or mobile device. This article will show you how to print WhatsApp messages.

How to Print WhatsApp messages (On Android)

To begin, open WhatsApp:First, you’ll need to get the program up and running. Launch the program by navigating to its icon in your phone’s app drawer and tapping it once.

print WhatsApp messages

2. Start the desired conversation:You’ll need to access the conversation you want to print from the chat tab. To enter the chat room, either scroll down or use the search bar at the top of the page. To enter the conversation, tap it once after you’ve located it.

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print WhatsApp messages

Click the menu button, then select:The chat screen’s menu can be accessed by selecting the hamburger icon. You’ll find this in the upper right corner of the display. There are three dots for this. Simply tap it once. It provides a pull-down menu from which to choose.

print WhatsApp messages

Select “more” from the menu option #4:You need to select the “more” option from the menu that appears. Subsidiary options are included in this. If you tap it once, a new menu will appear.

print WhatsApp messages

Five, choose the export chat option:Select “Export chat” from the additional menu options. Choose it with a single tap. Upon doing so, a dialogue box will show up. A prompt will appear to ask if you want to add media. Click the one that best suits your needs. At that point, you’ll be prompted to choose an exporting program.

print WhatsApp messages

Email client of choice:Select your preferred email client from the list of apps it provides. In this case, it doesn’t matter if you’re using the built-in email client on your phone or another third-party app like Gmail, Inbox, etc. Discover the app on your device that handles email and select it.

print WhatsApp messages

7 – Have the conversation sent to your inbox:As soon as you launch your email client, the exported conversation will open in it. The only required field is the Email address. In order to have quick and easy access to it, you should have it sent to your own address. Type in Your Address and Hit Enter.

print WhatsApp messages

8. Pull up your chat log.and issue a print command from your mobile device. To print from a computer, please refer to the instructions below.

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How to print the messages (on Computer)

The next step is to head to a computer with access to a printer. What follows are detailed instructions on what to do next to print WhatsApp messages.

Initiate contact with the outside world by opening your email account:Just fire up your web browser after turning on your computer, enter your username and password, and you’ll be taken directly to your inbox.

print WhatsApp messages

Open the mail that you’ve been looking for:You should check your inbox for the message you just sent to yourself. It must be in your inbox. With a single tap, the door will be unlocked. Note that a text file containing the exported messages has been included.

print WhatsApp messages

Third, open the attached text file:When the email loads, look for the attachments at the bottom. Click the down arrow next to the attachment’s text to download it. The download will start immediately.

print WhatsApp messages

Afterwards, launch the downloaded file and look at it:The file must be found and opened after it has been downloaded. In most cases, Microsoft Word will be the application used to open the file. The text file can be viewed in this program. If you find any errors or omissions, feel free to delete them or fix them.

print WhatsApp messages

Publish the Document, Number 5:After finalizing your document in Microsoft Word, you can send it to the printer. Select “file” and then “print” from the menu. Just issue the necessary commands and your WhatsApp messages will be printed. Any WhatsApp message can be printed out in this way.

print WhatsApp messages

Now you know how to print WhatsApp messages from an Android device. Following the aforementioned steps makes what could be a complicated process much easier. The first step is to send the photo or video from your mobile device. After that, you can get it on your computer and start downloading. After that, you can send it to the printer just like any other file.

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