How to put meetings on hold in Microsoft Teams : 4 Steps (with Pictures)

If you need to inform the other participants in a Microsoft Teams meeting that you will be temporarily unavailable, you can do so by putting the call on hold. When you put a meeting on hold, you will lose audio and visual contact with the other participants. A notification will be sent to the others to let them know you need to take a moment. If a phone call comes in during the meeting, we can use this function to take it. For more information on how to postpone a meeting in Microsoft Teams, please read the article provided below.

Put a meeting on hold in Microsoft Teams

Put a Meeting on Hold in Microsoft Teams: 4 Steps

Launch the Microsoft Teams client:To begin, please enter your Android’s unlock code. As a next step, launch Teams on your mobile device. You can launch it by either typing its name into your phone’s search bar or locating it while browsing your app drawer.

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You can get it from the Google Play Store or the iTunes App Store if you don’t already have it.

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Second, initiate or join the conference call:The next step is to either initiate a brand new meeting or to hop on an already scheduled one via the Calendar.

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Step-3 The 3 Dots Mean…During the meeting, when a panel with three dots appears at the bottom of the screen, you should tap on it.

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Fourth, select the “Put Me on Hold” option.You must select the ‘Put me on Hold’ option from the list of available choices, which includes options like “turn on live captions,” “don’t show chat bubbles,” “turn off the incoming video,” and so on. And while the meeting is in progress, you will be placed on hold.

Successfully completed!

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When using Microsoft Teams, how do I choose a digital backdrop?

Before a meeting, blur the background behind you if it will be an unruly scene. Also, you can pick from a number of different backdrops. Choose a digital backdrop for your Teams workspace by following these steps:

  • Get started by launching Teams.
  • Next, either start a new meeting or join a previously scheduled one.
  • Once you’re there, adjust the audio and video to your liking.
  • Click on a desired preview after making your selection of background effects.
  • Finally, make sure to click the checkbox to commit your changes.
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Is there a tutorial for activating Microsoft Teams’ question and answer feature?

Microsoft Teams is a fantastic platform for communicating, sharing, and obtaining answers. The app is also widely used as a means of virtual group communication. Therefore, questioning and answering become crucial components of this conversation. If enabled, it will offer an additional channel for the same purpose. If you want to use questions and answers in Microsoft Teams, read the full linked article to learn how to do so.

How do I invite someone to participate in my Teams channel?

Need to invite someone to join your Teams channel?

Here are some easy ways to accomplish that:

  • To access the Teams app, please unlock your Android device.
  • The next step is to enter the chat room in which you wish to add a new user.
  • From there, choose “add members” from the menu. Choose people and put them in charge.
  • After you have added the members, click the done button.
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Having trouble inviting people to join your Team?

Only the owner or co-owner of a private channel has the ability to invite people to join and assign them permissions. Additionally, a private channel can have up to 250 members.

Connectors in Microsoft Teams…what are they?

Connectors help businesses stay ahead of the curve by spreading the latest information from the services their employees use most often. Instead of having your team members scour Twitter, Trello, Wunderlist, and other sources, you can connect those streams directly to their channels.

Anyone with access to a Microsoft Teams channel can connect their entire group to some of the most well-known cloud solutions. Connector configuration triggers chain-wide notification of newly received messages.

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