How to React to an Instagram Message with Emoji on iPhone: 5 Steps

Knowing how to respond to an Instagram message on iPhone with emoji is essential if you don’t want to write out a full message or type out a reply.

You can finish this in under a minute, as it requires very little effort. Instagram is a major player in the world of social media. One can make voice and video calls, send direct messages, and comment on posts all from within the same app. If you want to make the most of Instagram, learning how to use its messaging features is a breeze.

How to Respond with Emojis on Instagram Messages on iPhone

React to an Instagram Message with Emoji on iPhone In 5 Steps

To begin, download and launch Instagram:Instagram can be accessed from your device’s app drawer.

You can get it from the App Store if you don’t already have it on your iPhone. Sign up for an account once you’ve downloaded the app, or enter your details if you already have one.

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Step-2 Select the chat bubble:To send a message on Instagram, click the envelope icon in the top right corner of the main feed. Have a look at the picture below for a visual aid.

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Step-3 Select the conversation by clicking:To locate a specific conversation, select the “Messages” tab and then scroll down. Use your finger to open the conversation.

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Step-4 You can read the message by tapping and holding:Step two is to respond by holding down on the message you want to reply to. Choose the message to which you wish to respond, and then press and hold it.

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5th Step: Respond with an Emoji by Tapping It:To add emojis to a message, simply press and hold on it. Pick the expression you’d like to use by tapping on it.

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Instagram doesn’t allow me to reply with emojis; why not?

There are times when words just won’t cut it, but emojis come to the rescue. Emojis are great for lighthearted communication, and today, people of all ages use them when texting on their smartphones.

Don’t stress if Instagram’s emoji-react feature doesn’t work for you. In order to fix Instagram’s occasional bugs, you may need to force close the app, clear its cache, and restart your phone. Using a prehistoric variant of the software could be another contributing factor. Update your Instagram app by searching for it in the Google Play or Apple App Stores. It is expected that after updating, you will have access to the emoji function.

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Input Devices: Can I Use Emoji on Computer?

Thankfully, your computers are compatible with the Emoji function. Instagram’s computer version is very user-friendly. Except for voice and video calls, nearly every service is available on a personal computer.

Double-tapping the relevant message will bring up a menu where you can pick your emoji of choice. Instagram videos can also be downloaded directly onto a computer or Mac.

Does Instagram Allow Me to Create My Own Emoji?

Instagram makes it simple to create your own emojis. Initial response options are limited to a small selection of emojis. You should know that you can use any of the emojis on your keyboard to respond to Instagram comments.

The Instagram red heart emoji is customizable. You can express your love just as effectively with a heart in one of many other colors besides red. Getting the latest and greatest emojis requires keeping your keyboard app up-to-date.


Can Instagram’s Messaging Functions Be Used?

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In the most recent updates of Instagram, you can, in fact, make use of every single messaging feature that Facebook’s Messenger app has to offer.

Simply launch Instagram and head to the app’s messaging section. There should be a link there that instructs you to switch over to Messenger for your messaging needs. When you update, however, you can’t go back to the previous version.

Instagram: Where Are My Message Requests?

If your Instagram account is set to private, only your approved followers will be able to send you direct messages, which you will receive in your inbox.

While your message requests may be difficult to access, this is not the case. The Requests subheading in your inbox’s upper right corner is where you’ll find people who have asked to communicate with you. Requests on Instagram have been split up into the former “normal” category and the latter “hidden” category.

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