How to Read Instagram Messages Without Seen (Updated 2022)

If you prefer texting to phone calls or voice memos, you’ll know that messages can vary widely in content. Some messages don’t require much thought on the recipient’s part, such as a straightforward question or instruction.

read instagram direct messages without being seen

Nonetheless, there are some messages that require more consideration, more speculation, before an appropriate response can be formulated. However, read receipt prevents a recipient from taking their time to respond.

If you open a message from someone, they will know you have done so and will likely expect a response from you. The weight of this awareness alone can be overwhelming, leading us to respond hastily and without proper consideration.

A stealthy method of reading messages would be ideal. Or isn’t there? We’ll be talking about how to read Instagram direct messages (DMs) without the sender knowing in today’s blog post. If you’re interested in learning how this is possible, read on to the end.

Can You Read Instagram Messages Without Seen?

Unfortuately, there is nothing you can do specifically on Instagram to hide your message reading from other users. Read receipt disablement was introduced for WhatsApp a long time ago, but Instagram has yet to catch up.

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You shouldn’t worry, though; we’re keeping an eye on the platform’s future development plans and will be the first to let you know if and when a release of this kind is announced.

After eliminating this option, you still have a few others to consider if you want to read Instagram DMs without the sender knowing. Let’s take it one at a time and start investigating them!

How to Read Instagram Messages Without Seen

1. Restricting the sender

Limiting a user’s access to the service is the quickest and easiest way to read their direct messages without drawing attention to the fact. And while the majority of you may already know the basics of how to put someone under restriction, we’ll go over it anyway.

You can restrict someone’s account on Instagram if they’re an annoyance but you don’t want to delete their account completely. Friends who comment on all your posts, send you too many posts and reels in direct message, etc., are prime examples.

So, let’s take a look at how Instagram’s user limits function. The first effect would be that their feedback on your posts would be hidden from everyone except the two of you. Also, any direct messages this person sends to you will be delivered directly to yourInquiry Via Messagesection. More importantly, you could limit this person’s freedom without them knowing it until you or someone else tells them.

By now, you should have realized that the solution to your problem is also the second consequence of restricting someone. Because read receipts won’t be shown for message requests until you approve them, you won’t have to worry about the inconvenience of read receipts even if they reach you. Does that sound intriguing to you? Then, let’s get you a manual that will walk you through the process:

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Step 1:Launch Instagram on your mobile device.

Step 2:You will eventually reach theHome tab. You can either continue on to theExplore to your tab and look for their profile there, or go to yourProfile click on the “tab” in your browser to access them.Following or Followers list.

Step 3:You will reach their profile no matter which approach you take. You’ll need to find your way through aBell top-right corner of their display, and a menuthree-dots Click on the icon next to it.

Step 4:A drop-down menu will show up on your screen shortly thereafter.Restrict as the primary choice on the menu. As soon as you do so, a confirmation message will appear informing you that access to your account has been denied to the specified individual. Your work here is finished.

2. Turning off Data/WiFi to prevent the read receipt

We just learned that Instagram’s restriction feature allows users to easily avoid read receipts. But it also has its own problems that need to be addressed.

Although you are shielded from a read receipt when someone sends you a message request, it’s easy to miss the message altogether if it doesn’t appear in your DMs right away. Since this may cause more issues than it resolves, we can see why you’re hesitant to implement it.

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However, there are other ways to sneak a peek at someone’s private Instagram messages without drawing attention to yourself. There are additional options like the one we’ll be discussing now. The one may appear to be excessively lengthy, but it is the safer option.

Step 1:The first thing you should do when you see that you have a Direct Message (DM) on Instagram is to scroll down your feed to read it.rapid-fire pop-up alertboth of which you turn offcell phone records and WiFi on it.

Step 2:By disconnecting from the network, you can rest assured that no further actions taken at this time will be recorded.

Step 3:Launch Instagram and go to yourmessage icon in the upper right of your screen to access your Direct Messages.

Step 4:Launch the conversation in which you have a new message you’d like to read in private without alerting the sender.

Step 5:Return to the main page once you’ve finished reading the message.Home page, and finally exit the program entirely. Now that you know the read receipts won’t be a problem, you can turn on the internet without fear.

Leaving your account in no-data mode before logging out is said to increase security, according to some users. Once you’re online again, just log in as usual.

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