How to Recharge TikTok Wallet: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

Have a depleted TikTok Wallet and no idea how to fill it up again? Forget about it; it’s all taken care of now.

The social media platform TikTok has become increasingly popular for users to upload and share short videos. TikTok also includes a wallet feature where users can store and share virtual currency with one another in the form of emoticons, diamonds, and other in-app purchases.

In TikTok parlance, “Recharging the wallet” means to add coins to it. As an added bonus, you can find out how to send friend requests on TikTok. As promised, here’s a quick guide on how to add funds to your TikTok Wallet.

How to Refill Your TikTok Wallet

How to Recharge TikTok Coins

Recharge TikTok wallet: 10 Simple Steps

First, launch the TikTok app:To get started, launch the TikTok app and sign in with your TikTok credentials.

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Second, select the “Profile” tab:After logging into your TikTok account, the first thing you’ll see is a video playing in the center of the screen, with a few buttons along the bottom for accessing various features.

One of these options will be labeled “Profile,” which you must select before continuing.

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Step- 3 Select the three dots option:Your profile information is displayed on a new page that opens when you click the “Profile” button. Additionally, there will be a button with three dots on it that you need to click.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 3

Step- 4 If you go to the menu and select “Privacy and Security,” you will see the following.When you click that three-dot button, a menu will appear, and you should select “Security and Privacy” from that menu.

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5th Step: Select “Balance” by Tapping on It:The above actions will open a page with several choices, one of which is “Balance,” which you should select. Follow this link to access your TikTok account balance.

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Sixth, select the recharge option:The TikTok Wallet page displays your current wallet balance and a “Recharge” button, clicking which will lead you through the process of adding funds to your wallet.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 6

Step 7: Implement the StrategyIf you go ahead and click the “Recharge” button, a number of different recharge options will be shown to you. Recharge according to your preferred plan.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 7

In Step 8, Select Your Preferred Payment Method:Once you’ve decided on a plan, you can choose your preferred method of payment by clicking the corresponding button.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 8

To redeem a code, go to Step 9 and click “Redeem Code.”If you want to save money, it’s best to go with the “Redeem Code” option, where you can enter the code and immediately start reaping the benefits. Simply enter your code into the designated box.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 9

Tenth, click the “Redeem” button:Click the “Redeem” button after entering the code to finish the purchase.

Image titled Recharge TikTok Wallet step 10

Now that you’ve followed the aforementioned procedures, you’ve successfully refilled your TikTok wallet. You know, it’s really not that complicated.

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Typical Queries:

Is it possible to upload my own audio to TikTok?

Users of TikTok can enhance the entertainment value of their videos by using the platform’s built-in music feature. If you want to use your own voice or music, you can do so by learning how to record and upload audio to TikTok.

Second, where can I find the TikTok app?

TikTok is available on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices. However, if you are located in India and would like to use TikTok, you will be unable to do so due to the country’s ban on the app’s download.

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