How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Looking to retrieve erased Facebook updates? If that’s the case, you’ll be relieved to learn there are multiple options available. Finding a specific post among thousands may seem impossible at first, but it is possible to do so with some effort.

recover deleted facebook posts

Multiple Facebook post deletions can be attributed to various causes. One of two things could have happened: either you were trying to hide something or you accidentally deleted the post. Just as someone might delete a memorable post in a fit of rage after an argument with a close friend or family member, so too might someone delete a post after an angry outburst.

Most people would probably want to fix the problem by uploading the file again. However, not everyone has the ability to re-upload, so recovering deleted posts becomes necessary.

An additional risk is the accidental removal of an important professional-related post. If reuploading the content is also impossible, then recovery is once again the last resort.

Without thinking, children may post or share content that is potentially embarrassing, harmful, or otherwise inappropriate. Therefore, in order to discipline their children effectively, parents should be aware of what their children are posting online. Therefore, guardians might want to look at their children’s Facebook profiles to see if anything sensitive was accidentally erased.

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Important methods to retrieve erased Facebook posts are outlined in this guide.

When you delete a Facebook post, it disappears from your device, your app feed, and Facebook servers. However, there may be other places where your digital footprints remain embedded.

This guide will help you recover deleted Facebook posts.

How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

Facebook’s new Manage Activity Feature allows users to remove posts from their news feeds and archive them in the event that they change their minds. You have 30 days from the time a post is deleted to retrieve it from the trash can before it is permanently removed from your account.

Follow these steps to:

  • Fire up the Facebook app on your iOS or Android gadget and sign in.
  • Select thegraphic with three parallel lineslocateable in the upper right hand corner of the display.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • Then, choose the option at the very bottom of the page.Personalization Options and Security Settings option.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • Selecting this will bring up a few more options.Settingsout of the lineup.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • The page that allows you to modify preferences will load in its place. If you’re interested in theKnowledge from Your Facebook Accountparagraph and then selectDocumentation of Eventsin order to check in on and control your data.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • All of your past engagements, such as likes, comments, posts, etc., will be displayed here. Select Trash from the menu bar above Archive.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • This concludes the thirty days’ worth of deleted posts.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • You can retrieve deleted posts by selecting them and then tapping the Restore button.

recover deleted facebook posts

  • Simply confirm your action by clicking the Restore button once more, and the post will appear in your timeline once more.

recover deleted facebook posts

All your Facebook content (including posts, photos, and messages) will be migrated to your new device without you having to do anything other than download the app and log in.

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Alternative Ways to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts

In the event that the thirty days have passed and the deleted posts cannot be recovered through Facebook, you may use other methods to get around the problem.

1. Recover Facebook Post from Backup

  • Launch Facebook by clicking the arrow with three dots at the top right.
  • Navigate to the bottom of the page and select “Settings & Privacy” from the menu.
  • Once you’re there, select the Settings button to access your account preferences.
  • Select Download Your Information under the heading Your Facebook Data. The information in your Facebook profile will be accessible to you in downloadable form.
  • Select the data on the “Download Your Information” page that you want to save as a duplicate. Then, at the page’s bottom, click the Create File button to save a duplicate of the current selection.
  • Select “Request my download” to start packing your files. You will receive an email with a download link once an archive has been created. Use the provided link to view your account details and activity.
  • You can easily locate the removed threads and any other information you need to retrieve among the data you downloaded.
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Additionally, all of your past backups will be kept in the ‘Available Copies’ section. As a result, everything you’ve downloaded is easily retrievable.

2. Check Your Email

If you have set your Facebook preferences to send you email alerts about specific types of posts, you may find that the posts you were seeking end up in your inbox. In case you remember the precise wording of the message, you can try searching your inbox. Or you could just search for “Facebook” in any email client and read through all of the results.

There is a small chance that some of your Facebook friends will have email notifications enabled, and that they will receive email notifications referencing your post. Having them tagged in the post makes this even more apparent. You can ask your contacts to look through their inboxes for a specific message.

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