How to Recover Deleted Messages on Telegram (Updated 2023)

Retrieve Lost Telegrams:In the world of cloud-based instant messaging services, Telegram is among the most widely used. The app’s many features make sending and receiving messages a thrilling experience. In addition to end-to-end encrypted video calling and Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), users of this app can also share files (audio, video, documents, etc.) with one another.

recover deleted telegram messages

Unfortunately, there are times when users accidentally delete messages from Telegram before realizing how crucial they actually were.

The good news is that deleted Telegram conversations can be recovered in a few simple and efficient ways on both Android and iOS. If you delete a message in Telegram, whether by accident or design, you can always get it back.

Messages sent and received on Telegram can be deleted at any time. If the Telegram messages are deleted on both ends, the conversation may be lost forever.

Nonetheless, this does not apply to communities where only the group’s administrator can remove chat records or individual messages.

However, you can save a copy of the messages you’re sending just in case. This won’t help if they’ve been deleted from both ends, though.

If you’d rather not repeatedly copy and save these messages by hand, you can simply download theAvoid Blue Ticks? Disable Last Seendevice’s app store. Even if the original messages are lost, backups will remain on the server indefinitely.Cover Up: There Are No Blue Ticks app.

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Telegram’s biggest drawback is that, unlike with other messaging apps, your sent messages are not stored as backup files on your Android or iOS device.

Don’t fret though; this guide will teach you how to retrieve lost Telegrams on both Android and iOS devices.

Using these methods, you can even get back free files, photos, and videos that were deleted from Telegram.

Can You Recover Deleted Telegram Messages?

Deleted messages can be retrieved, but only in the desktop client. It’s imperative that you download Telegram Desktop onto your personal computer. Next, export your Telegram conversation history by selecting Settings > Advanced. Open the export_results.html file that appears after data exporting. Now you can proceed to the section where we display the unsent Telegram messages.

Important: Discretely conceal “Last Seen” if no blue ticks have been a well-liked app for archiving messages from various social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, etc.). Even if the message is encrypted, you can decipher it.or retracted from a previous transmissiondue to the fact that the app stores messages from notifications sent by the sender.

How to Recover Deleted Messages on Telegram

Method 1: Recover Deleted Telegram Messages by Exporting Data

  • It all starts with a download and installation of theDesktop Telegramin the virtual realm of your computer.
  • Pull up the Telegram Desktop andThe first step is to sign in..
  • In a moment, you’ll be taken to theDashboardplus click on theJust the Basics in Three Linessymbol in the upper left corner of the display.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • The option you choose will be presented in a menu.Settings,in the same way that the picture below demonstrates.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • Then, after that, selectAdvancedusing the drop-down menu.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • Click the link down below.Exported Data from Telegraminternal toInformation Storing section.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • You can choose which conversations (including those you’ve deleted) to export, whether they’re from a Personal Chat, Bot Chat, private group, etc.
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  • Once you’ve made your selections, click theExport button. Your request to export your data has been successfully submitted.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • For reasons of security, you will be able to download your data in 24 hours,” or something to that effect. To verify the export request is legitimate and give you time to respond if it isn’t, we have sent a message to all of your connected devices.
  • If you don’t receive the data within the allotted time (usually 24 hours), just come back and re-submit your request using the above instructions.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • You must also click the Allow button to confirm this action.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • You’ll see a confirmation like “Accepted” once you give your consent.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • After waiting 24 hours, go back to the Telegram export page and click the Export button again.
  • Once you select Show My Data, the data exporting process will begin.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • To see your erased Telegram messages, open the export_results.html file.

recover deleted telegram messages

  • And now, the ultimate collection of forgotten Telegrams.

recover deleted telegram messages

How to Retrieve Deleted Messages from Telegram and Restore Your Chat History Without a Backup – Video Tutorial

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Method 2: Telegram Message Recovery by iStaunch

Telegram Message Recovery by iStaunch is a useful resource for retrieving lost or deleted Telegram messages. Now, just type in your phone number and hit the Recover Messages button. After that, the tool will automatically recover any media files attached to deleted Telegram messages.

Getting Back Lost Telegrams

Method 3: Cache Folder

There is a cache folder in Android that saves every single piece of data you’ve ever sent or received through Telegram, including messages, photos, videos, and audio. Data retrieval was possible via the “org.telegram” folder. The recently erased chats are stored here.

It’s crucial to remember that the private conversation can never be retrieved. The other person probably doesn’t want you to see the conversation or any media they shared, so they deleted it from their end as well. Users’ anonymity will be protected while sending and receiving secret messages. That’s why your encrypted Telegram conversations will remain on your device rather than the company’s servers.

Even if someone gains access to your device and then your Telegram account, they will not be able to access the encrypted data. Since the device, rather than a server, stores the encrypted messages, only the sender has access to the content.

Concluding Remarks:

Following these guidelines, you can quickly and easily retrieve your lost Telegram chats. These guidelines can be used to recover any deleted file with ease, whether you need to do so to prove something or you simply want to keep the conversation for future reference.

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