How to Recover Deleted Tweets (Retrieve Deleted Tweets)

The frustration of typing out a lengthy tweet, committing to sending it, and then erasing it by mistake is real. True, even the luckiest among us can experience a downturn in fortune. Each of us has experienced the horror of accidentally erasing a tweet, only to curse at the computer and ourselves shortly after.

recover deleted tweets

What happens, though, if you delete your tweet by mistake?

It’s true that you always have the option to start over, but what if you can’t recall the words word for word, or if you accidentally deleted a tweet that you now need to read? What if you have to send a tweet immediately and don’t have time to retype it?

I have some good news for you.

You can request a download of your deleted tweets and quickly recover it through Twitter’s Archive feature, which stores all of your deleted data (including tweets, photos, and videos).

This tutorial will show you how to access your old tweets and photos from Twitter, even if you’ve deleted them.

How to Recover Deleted Tweets (Retrieve Deleted Tweets)

  • Get on Twitter by opening up your account in a new tab or window.
  • Make use of theMorechoice shown on the screen’s left side.

recover deleted tweets

  • Step 2: Go Ahead and Pick thePrivacy Optionsas depicted in the image below.

recover deleted tweets

  • Within theThe Particulars of Your Accountpage, then select the “Create a backup copy of your information by downloading an archive.To retrieve the archive of forgotten tweets, type “.

recover deleted tweets

  • The password is:for the check and the tapConfirm.

recover deleted tweets

  • Please choose theThis is a “Request Archive”your Twitter account will begin to be archived immediately. You will also be notified when the archive is ready to be downloaded.

recover deleted tweets

  • Within the next day, you can expect to receive an email containing a link to where you can download the data. Depending on how frequently you tweet and how many tweets you have, this could take anywhere from two days to a week.
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  • Visiting the email’s Download link will lead you to the account’s Personal Information and Preferences page.

recover deleted tweets

  • Click the “Download” button to store it on your computer as a compressed archive.

You can now download file containing all of your account information, including the tweets you have erased. If you’re curious about how to view deleted tweets from this archive, read on.

You can rely on me to lend a hand, so don’t fret.

How to View & Restore Deleted Tweets from Twitter Archive

  • Use WinZip or 7Zip to unpack file containing Twitter’s data.
  • If you extract the file, a new directory will appear.

recover deleted tweets

  • Simply navigate there and load the Your archive.html file to see your forgotten tweets.

recover deleted tweets

  • After that, you’ll be able to view every tweet you’ve ever deleted, dating back to the beginning.

recover deleted tweets

  • Try to recall that this is not a web-based event. Simply view it and save it to your computer are your only options.
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Alternatively, you can watch this video for guidance on how to get back lost tweets.

Alternative Ways to Recover Deleted Tweets

1. Wayback Machine – Internet Archive

The Wayback Machine is a database that stores past iterations of websites so that users can access them again.

Twitter’s Wayback Machine is where you can go to retrieve any lost tweets. Type in the Twitter profile’s URL, choose a time frame, and then click on your browsing history. The next step is to view and retrieve previously erased tweets that once contained text and images.

How to accomplish that is as follows:

  • Go to order to get back tweets that you accidentally deleted.

  • Go to Twitter’s profile page and type in the URL you wish to search.

recover deleted tweets

  • Pick the day you deleted your tweet.

recover deleted tweets

  • Text and images from deleted tweets will appear next.

recover deleted tweets

2. Retrieve Deleted Tweets from Google Cache

Google will automatically index and save all of your tweets to their servers whenever you post something to Twitter. Basically, Google saves a copy of every tweet in its cache for later use.

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Follow these steps to:

  • To find the tweet you just erased, go to Google and do a search.
  • Your deleted tweet should still appear on the first page of search results if it has been indexed.
  • Choose the arrow icon at the end of the tweet’s URL.

recover deleted tweets

  • Choose the Cached option that appears next.
  • A copy of the tweet you just erased will appear in your cached results.

recover deleted tweets

Some Closing Thoughts:

Managing your Twitter account can be a long and arduous process, but with these simple techniques, you can restore lost tweets and other data with relative ease.

We hope this information was useful, and that you’ll be able to put these suggestions to use the next time you’re facing a Twitter crisis.

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