How to Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall

When we used to take pictures, do you remember if they were in black and white or color? Not everyone had access to cameras back then, so pictures were rarely taken. Most people these days even carry cameras in their phones. Selfies simplified the process of documenting precious moments. Looking at old photographs from the past two to four years brings back many pleasant memories.

recover snapchat photos after uninstall

In addition to being able to take beautiful pictures, we also have the option of editing them to make them more attractive. I’ll give you a moment to guess what it is that we’re discussing, why don’t you? If you use Snapchat, you might have guessed in under a minute.

It’s true, and it’s the filters section that has the solution. When taking a quick photo or “selfie,” applying a filter is now practically a prerequisite.

Everyone uses Snapchat because it’s easy to take pictures with cool filters. This social media site is thriving and growing because of the many filters available to its users.

If you’re a regular user of Snapchat, you might be concerned about the security of your priceless photo collection. Leaving you to wonder things like whether or not these pictures are lost forever if you delete Snapchat.

The good news is that we already know the solutions to your problems. This article will explain what to do if you accidentally delete Snapchat and want to get your photos back.

We’ll show you three different ways to get your pictures back. In the end, you’ll be able to retrieve your pictures without any harm being done to them. Let’s jump right in without further ado.

Can You Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall?

Snaps, videos, and photos taken with Snapchat are saved in the app’s memories section, so you can access them even after you’ve deleted the app. They will remain safe in the cloud as long as you don’t delete your Snapchat account. A removal of the app will have no effect on the saved information.

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However, Snapchat’s help center advises users to regularly save copies of their snaps and stories just in case.

Snaps can be recovered in a number of different ways, even if they haven’t been backed up. The task can also be performed by a couple of alternative apps. But the top three methods we discussed in this article will help you retrieve your pictures in no time.

How to Recover Snapchat Photos After Uninstall

It’s possible you deleted Snapchat for whatever reason, but you’d still like to keep your snaps and vids. Or maybe you’re thinking about deleting Snapchat but are concerned about losing your snaps. Your Snapchat history will remain unaffected even if you delete the app. They are easily retrievable thanks to cloud storage.

We’ve outlined three options for retrieving your lost Snapchat photos below.

1. Recover Snapchat Photos using Cache Files

In the event that you have deleted Snapchat and would like to retrieve your photos and videos without reinstalling the app, this is the best method to use. Your pictures are in the cache folder, and we can get them back with this method.

As a result of the duplication present in your saved content, the files generated by each of your apps will be hidden from your photo album in a cache. Snaps you’ve taken and downloaded to your computer will be stored in a cache file.

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We will now retrieve them from that location. The detailed instructions for doing so are provided below.

Step 1:Launch your device’s file manager. You can get one from the playstore if your phone doesn’t come with one already.

Step 2:Tap the option labeled “Internal Storage” or “Device Storage” to access the data stored on your device. When you first launch some file manager apps, this choice may be available in the default tab. To locate this choice, please search the current tab thoroughly.

Step 3:After you click onThe term “internal storage”you’ll find a list of options. To find the, look through theandroid folder. Click on it once you’ve located it.

Step 4:No matter what file manager you use, the android folder will have the standard media, data, and obb subfolders. After that, click thedata folder.

Step 5:When you go into the data folder, you’ll see a list of all the app files you’ve used. Take the time tocom.snapchat.androidand then click it when you get there.

Step 6:After stepping foot intocom.snapchat.androidThere are two different folders available for perusal. The first is temporary data stored in RAM, and the second is data stored in files. Select thecache option.

There’s a file in there somewhere that’s labeledreceived_images_snaps.Click it. Snaps you’ve taken are available for review. You can save them to your device again after renaming them.

2. Recover Snapchat Photos via Google Drive

Snaps taken with a mobile device that is set to auto-sync will be uploaded to a cloud service such as Google Drive. Consequently, go with this option if you are having trouble locating your media files in the cache folder. Keep reading for detailed instructions on how to achieve your goals.

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Step 1:Launch Google Drive on your mobile device and check that you’re signed in with the account from which the backup was created.

Step 2:At this point, you must click on theThere are three horizontal linesIcons in the upper left corner. One of the options presented there is an image gallery. Use the tap method.

Step 3:When you step inside thephotostab, you can view all the images that have recently been saved. Launch your photo recovery software and load the image.

Step 4:After opening the picture, you’ll be able tothree dots in a rowshortcut icons in the upper right corner. Make use of that. A drop-down menu will appear. One can observe theput away for later useoption; selecting it will allow you to retrieve the media file back onto your device.

To get back all the files you need, go back to Step 4. Keep in mind that unless you have auto-sync turned on, you will not be able to view your friends’ Snapchat photos.

3. Recover Snapchat Photos and Videos via iCloud

You can get back your Snapchat media files from the iCloud website if you’ve synced your app data there.

Step 1:Launch iCloud by visiting The homepage is what you see when you first enter.

Step 2:Click the Photos button now to option. Snaps that have been saved recently will be displayed there.

Step 3:Check off all the pictures you want to transfer to your mobile device. To save the images and videos you’ve selected, click the download icon in the main menu.

That settles the matter. This allows you to easily retrieve your Snapchat media from your iOS device.

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