How to Recover TextNow Account Without Email

The internet has made nearly everything more accessible than ever before in human history. Inflation, however, has become more accessible and is far less exciting. Nobody likes inflation, but that doesn’t mean they like most other readily available things. Whether it’s the price of gasoline, the cost of a newspaper subscription, or the price of a Netflix membership, increasing costs are becoming increasingly difficult to swallow. The rate of growth in every aspect of life is extremely high. Utility costs, including those for homes and mobile phones, are rising dramatically.

recover textnow account without email

So, we can’t do anything concrete to curb inflation per se. But surely there is a way to deal with these ever-increasing cell phone costs. And this answer is TextNow, a service that, since 2009, has reduced the cost of phone calls and text messages.

TextNow is a fantastic solution to the ever-increasing costs of the standard calling and texting system because it offers a free phone number in addition to calling and texting services at extremely low rates.

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Keep reading to find out if your TextNow account can be restored without your email address and what other options you have.

How to Recover TextNow Account Without Email

In order to sign up for TextNow, you need to have an email address. After you’ve set up your account, you’ll use that email address as your primary login.

However, just like any other online service, there are other ways to access your account besides your email address. You can integrate your Google, Facebook, or Apple accounts with your TextNow profile.

Connecting your TextNow account with one of these services streamlines the sign-in process. To do so, just tap on theGoogle it some more. or Keeping Using Appleinsert theLoginscreen where you can enter your login information in a flash.

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What’s the point, though, in all this talk of accounts and passwords? In order to regain access to your TextNow account, you can use this alternative login method.

Trick #1: Recover your TextNow account with your Apple Id or Facebook:

Simple explanations are all that is needed. You still have access to your other accounts, like Facebook and Apple, even if you forget your TextNow password and can’t get in to your email, right?

If you own an iPhone, you are always connected to your personal Apple account. In a similar vein, if you frequently use Facebook, you are almost certainly logged into your account via either the website or the mobile app.

TextNow’s Facebook and Apple ID integration means you can use it in any of these scenarios.Facebook should be used further.or Continue using an Applebutton on the TextNow homepage to sign in with your account credentials from one of these services.

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The best part is that you can still access Facebook with your phone number and Apple with your Apple Id even if you have forgotten your email address. By doing so, you can log in securely without exposing your email address.

It’s possible to change your TextNow account’s email address to a more convenient one after logging in.

Trick #2: Change your TextNow email address:

An individual’s TextNow account settings include a simple form for editing one’s email address. To accomplish that, do as follows:

Step 1:Launch TextNow on your preferred device, and sign in using the information you saved.

Step 2:After you have signed in, you can access the main menu by clicking theIn this case, we have a set of parallel linesnear the top left.

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