How to Recover TextNow Number (Get Old TextNow Number Back)

With just an internet connection, you can try out the interesting free communication app TextNow, which offers free nationwide cellular service and unlimited testing. The app makes it simple to set up virtual phone numbers and enjoy free calls to other users or anywhere in the United States or Canada.

recover textnow number

You only need an email address and password to sign up for TextNow’s service. It’s up to you whether or not to use the app’s premium features.

In the event that you are having trouble recovering your TextNow account, there are two main causes to consider.

The first is when you are locked out of your TextNow account and phone number due to a forgotten password. If you’ve forgotten your password and need to verify your email address with the account manager before you can reset it, you may need to contact customer support.

The second is that TextNow will remove your number from your account and recycle it if you haven’t accessed it in a while and the number is still associated with your account.

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Afterward, they’ll give that same number to someone else who needs it more desperately.

Thus, we must ask, “Is it possible to retrieve a previously used TextNow number?” , “What can I do to restore my previous TextNow number?”

To get your old TextNow number back, follow the instructions in this article.

Can You Recover TextNow Number?

Once a TextNow number is deleted, there is no way to get it back. Eventually, if you don’t use your TextNow account for a while, the company will deactivate your number and give it to someone who actually wants it.

You can still try to get in touch with the service’s support staff for assistance in reclaiming your lost phone number.

How to Recover TextNow Number (Get Old TextNow Number Back)

The following are methods of contacting TextNow’s customer support in order to request the return of your old number.

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1. Call TextNow Support Team

If you’ve forgotten your account details and need some assistance regaining access, just give customer support a ring. The lines are available from Monday through Friday, with an average wait time of 12 minutes. This is a viable option, and it will allow you to get your number back.

2. Send an Email to TextNow Support

You can easily retrieve your phone number with the help of TextNow’s email support. You can submit your request via email, but you shouldn’t expect a reply in less than 55 hours.

Concluding Remarks:

As far as we can tell, the only way to retrieve your previous TextNow number is to get in touch with the company’s support staff. These are all straightforward options for keeping in touch with the people who matter most while also preserving your TextNow phone number.

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