How to Remove Category on Instagram 2022

Instagram’s expanding user base has made it a prime location for any company, brand, influencer, or creator looking to build a fanbase. The Instagram team has put in a lot of time and effort into the Professional accounts in order to help these businesses and creators grow and succeed on the platform.

remove category from instagram

Even though a casual user of Instagram might not be able to tell the difference between a personal and business account, a regular user would.

Curious as to how?

First, there’s the problem of the following count, which exceeds 5,000 in most respectable company profiles. Other features include call-to-actions, company addresses, and, finally, descriptive headings for various groups.

Today we’ll discuss Instagram tags, specifically how to edit or delete them from your profile.

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In case you’ve ever gotten stuck trying to accomplish these, reading to the end will teach you how to delete a category on Instagram.

How to Remove Category on Instagram

Step 1:To access Instagram on your mobile device, tap the app’s icon in the main menu.

Step 2:Following on from thehomeStart at the Home tab and go to yourSmall version of profile pictureicon that’s located in the screen’s lower right corner.

remove category on instagram

Step 3:Following arrival at yourProfileunder your profile picture, name, and bio, you’ll see a whiteUpdate Your Details button. Select this option by tapping the button.

remove category on instagram

Step 4:You can now easily separate theModify Your Accountthe first half of the tab is where you’ll fill out basic information about yourself like your name, username, website, and bio.

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The second half, however, is more concerned with you personally.Articles pertaining to Businessincluding specifics about yourCommercial Site, the categorythat is the nature of your company,ways to get in touch, the Mechanical push-buttons, etc., that you’d like to have visible on your profile.

Finally, in this section, you can choose betweenExhibiting Personal Information,which controls which parts of your profile are viewable by others. Select this alternative by tapping it.

remove category on instagram

Step 4:There will be a switch to a new tab as soon as you do that:Public profile.Here, you’ll find two options with toggle switches:Label categories to be shown and Introduce contact details.

remove category on instagram

Step 5:These options are now always active in Instagram. Swiping left on the first toggle (Display category label) and then tapping on will remove the category label.tickimage (on iOS devices) orDone button in the upper right corner of the screen (on iOS devices).

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remove category on instagram

When you go back to your profile now, you’ll see that the label for the category no longer appears next to your name or the name of your company.

In The End

What we’ve learned today, let’s review quickly. We started by finding out that an Instagram business account’s category label cannot be changed or deleted, but it can be hidden (instructions for doing so are provided above).

Subsequently, we investigated the means by which you may alter this label. We welcome feedback about the usefulness of our blog and encourage you to share your experiences with us below.

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