How to Remove Google Meet Profile Picture: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Perhaps you’ve wondered how to change your Google Meet avatar. If you have already uploaded yours to Google, you will want to remove it. Even more frustrating is the fact that your Google Meet profile picture cannot be deleted. On the other hand, we’re going to show you the ropes.

How to Remove profile picture from Google meet

Remove Google Meet Profile Picture in 5 Easy Steps

One, launch the Gmail app.To get started, fire up the Gmail app on any of your devices (phones, laptops, iPads, tablets, etc.). Each and every one of these gadgets comes pre-loaded with Gmail.

Image Titled Remove Google Meet Profile Picture Step 1

Step-2 To change your profile picture, select it from the profile menu.The next step is to select Profile picture in the top right corner:

  • When you launch the app while logged into your account, you’ll be taken to your profile page.
  • Take a peek in the top right of the display.
  • As seen in the image below, the logo is circular in shape. Your new profile picture will be the company logo.
  • To move forward, select the logo and click on it.
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Image Titled Remove Google Meet Profile Picture Step 2

Third, tap the camera icon.The logo opens a menu bar when you click it. Below the logo, you’ll also find a camera symbol. Choose the camera button.

Image Titled Remove Google Meet Profile Picture Step 3

Fourth, select the Delete option.If you look carefully at the screenshot below, you’ll see a delete button that appears after you select the camera icon. To delete a post, select the corresponding trash can icon.

Image Titled Remove Google Meet Profile Picture Step 4

Method 5: Discard ImageWhen you delete an email in Gmail, a confirmation box will appear after you click the delete button. Again, select “Remove” from the menu.

Image Titled Remove Google Meet Profile Picture Step 5


Google Meet: How to Add a Photo?

On Google Meet, you can set your own profile picture. You can change your Google Meet profile picture by opening your account settings and selecting a new image. A picture from your computer or Google Photos can also be added. Your profile picture’s background is also modifiable.

As it is easy to upload your Google Meet profile picture to your Meet profile by accident, we have compiled this guide to assist you in deleting it. Google Meet profiles can be deleted entirely, but doing so will erase any recorded meetings and other data associated with the user.

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Upload a Photo to Your Google Meet Profile

There are several options for changing your profile picture on Google Meet. The quickest method, however, is to head on over to your Meet profile and click on the About tab. You can edit your profile picture there. When you do, any image you like will be available for upload with just a click.

To put it plainly, the procedure is as simple as that. If you stick to these 5 simple steps, you should be fine.

If you no longer wish to use Gmail, simply delete your account and create a new one. This is helpful if you’re trying to change your online identity and need a new email address to do so. The new email address can then be used with Google Meet.

When you join a Google Meet, your profile picture will be displayed to other users. This is a fantastic opportunity to broaden your social circle.

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