How to Remove People from Messenger (Updated 2023)

Remove a Contact from Messenger:If you want to keep in touch with your friends and family, there’s no better place to do it than on Facebook, the most popular social networking site in the world. However, it can become frustrating when the contact information for particular friends or strangers keeps popping up on Messenger.

remove contacts from messenger

Anyone who’s used Messenger for any length of time knows that there isn’t a way to permanently remove contacts from the app.

Both you and your friend’s mutual Facebook connections count here. Just because you’re acquainted with someone doesn’t mean you have to add them as a friend on Messenger.

If someone isn’t a friend, a suggestion, or someone you don’t want to talk to, just click the Remove button in Messenger.

There is no simple way to delete friends from the messenger once you’ve accepted their friend request. If you want to stop talking to these people, blocking them is your only option.

This is the best advice I’ve seen for getting rid of people from your phone’s contact list, whether they’re friends or not.

How to Remove People from Messenger

You’ve probably noticed the “upload contact” button in Facebook Messenger. To make it easier to add people you know on Facebook, this button will synchronize your phone’s contact list with Facebook and suggest their profile.

There’s always the option of ignoring the advice. But suppose you decide you no longer want to talk to them on Messenger?

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If you, too, are sick of constant contact suggestions in Messenger, we have compiled a list of efficient methods for doing so.

Method 1: Delete Someone from Messenger

  • If you have an Android or iPhone, open Messenger and then select the People tab.

remove contacts from messenger

  • To access your contacts, select the gear icon in the upper right corner.

remove contacts from messenger

  • In a moment, you’ll arrive at the page listing everyone in the world. Choose the profile of a person you don’t want to talk to anymore in Messenger by tapping the information button next to their name.

remove contacts from messenger

  • A new window will appear in the top right corner. As shown in the image below, click the Remove Contact button to delete the contact.

remove contacts from messenger

  • If you’re sure you want to delete them, click the confirmation button.

remove contacts from messenger

Method 2: Remove Contacts in Messenger

Simply access a contact’s profile and click the block button to permanently remove them from Messenger. Once you confirm the deletion, the contact will be removed from Messenger. Messenger doesn’t let you delete or remove contacts, so blocking them is the only option.

To do so, follow these steps:

  • It’s time to fire up Messenger and sign in. The People tab can be accessed by tapping the corresponding button.

remove contacts from messenger

  • Use the image below as a guide for clicking the Contact Icon.

remove contacts from messenger

  • Click the ellipses (…) next to the contact you want to delete.

remove contacts from messenger

  • Then, select the message icon.

remove contacts from messenger

  • The Chat page will load automatically. To view additional details, select the “Info” option.

remove contacts from messenger

  • You’ll see a “block” option if you scroll down the page a bit. Select this option and confirm by tapping it.

remove contacts from messenger

  • That settles it. Your Messenger contact list will be updated to remove the user.

However, until you unblock this person, you won’t be able to send a friend request or add them as a Facebook friend. Once someone is deleted from your contacts, they will no longer be able to contact you or view your profile.

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Method 3: Delete Someone from Messenger in Bulk

To stop receiving messages from a specific person or group, as well as from your Facebook friends, you can unsubscribe from them with a single click.

By disabling the Messenger app’s contact syncing feature, you can remove a contact from the app without difficulty.

Follow these steps to:

  • You can access the Messenger ‘people’ icon by clicking on your profile picture.
  • Click the “upload contacts” and “Turn off” buttons.
  • By doing this, you can immediately disable the sync function for your contacts.

Method 4: How to Unfriend Messenger Contact

A Messenger user has the option to either block or Unfriend a contact. When you block someone, you are no longer able to view their profile. So, here’s what you’ll need to do if you decide to cut ties with that person:

  • To unfriend someone, you need to view their profile.
  • The “friends” button is located just beneath the user’s profile picture.
  • To unfriend someone, tap their profile and choose that option.
  • The “Confirm” button should be chosen.
  • Your Facebook profile and posts will be hidden from them.

A friend request or message will still be sent to you from them. They will not be able to view your timeline or stories until you accept their friend request.

5. Remove Friends from Messenger Group Chat

Hanging out in a Messenger chat room with a large group of close friends is great fun. But what if you decide you need to kick a pal to the curb? Well, it’s simple to kick someone out of a Messenger chat.

  • Simply launch Messenger and go to the group chat from there.
  • To remove a member from the group, click on their profile.
  • Select “remove from group” under “block” to unfriend someone from a group.
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In any case, you now know the answer. He or she will be expelled from your team. When you remove someone from a group conversation in Messenger, you will receive a notification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I contact someone who is not a Messenger user?

Ans:If someone is online but not on Messenger, you can still send them a message on Facebook. You may be concerned about how your message will be received. Keep in mind that if they use Facebook in the browser, they will receive your message. Facebook’s browser version has built-in chatting capabilities, so there’s no need to download and install Messenger.

Question 2: What’s the procedure for importing my contact list into Messenger?

Ans:Easy as pie, that’s what it is. This is the procedure you should follow. Activate Messenger by going to Profile > Phone contacts > Upload > Turn on. Doing so will synchronize your phone’s address book with your Messenger app.


There was just a new update to Messenger. This means that a user can be deleted without ever leaving the application. To access your entire contact list, select the people icon and then tap a specific contact. To delete a contact from your address book, click the “Remove contact” button.

When you used to be able to delete something on Facebook, now you have to block the person. You can’t just delete a contact without accidentally blocking the person. Delete the user from your contacts if they are one of these people. You can only “Block” a Messenger friend if you are not already friends with them.

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