How to Remove Suggested in Messenger (Updated)

Remove This Message From Messenger:If you use Facebook Messenger frequently, you may have seen suggested contacts who aren’t your friends. While this feature is designed to help you meet new people on Facebook, some users may find it creepy or invasive.

remove suggested people on messenger

Still, you need not worry because you can simply delete the suggestions that Messenger makes, and they will no longer show up in your profile.

You should, first and foremost, be entitled to an explanation of how they got there.

That’s because it’s highly likely that you unwittingly gave Facebook Messenger access to your phone contacts on either your Android or iPhone, causing those contacts to be uploaded to Facebook servers.

Then, Facebook will start recommending potential friends from your phone’s contact list who you don’t already know. They are suggested as friends and also show up in your Messenger.

You can expect Facebook to improve its service and your personal experience as a result of the contacts you upload.

You may have inadvertently given Facebook access to your address book when you logged in from the Settings menu, even if you did not specifically give Facebook permission to access it.

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This tutorial will show you how to disable Messenger suggestions on iOS and Android devices.

How to Remove Suggested in Messenger

Method 1: Delete Uploaded Contacts on Messenger

Messenger’s suggested contacts are derived from your existing phonebook. Assuming you’ve given Messenger permission to access your contacts, anyone in your address book who also has a Facebook account but isn’t already one of your friends will likely be suggested to you.

As a result, you should follow the procedures below to remove uploaded contacts:

  • If you haven’t already, launch the Messenger app and sign in with your account information.
  • To access your profile, select the profile image in the top left corner of the screen.

remove suggested in messenger

  • Visit their profile and look forCommunication via Telephonesin the Settings menu and selecting it.

remove suggested in messenger

  • In the following window, you’ll see two tabs labeled Upload Contacts and Manage Contacts. Activate theContacts Management.

remove suggested in messenger

  • Messenger will alert everyone in your phone book that you have uploaded contact information. Tap on Toss Out Every Contact button.

remove suggested in messenger

We’ll now delete all suggestions made in Messenger. Sign out of Facebook and Messenger on all of your devices, and then sign back in if you’re still seeing the recommendation after doing so.

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Logging out of Facebook and Messenger will also clear any associated caches. You may have lost contact with those people for a few days, or until the cache clears on its own, if you hadn’t done that.

Signing back in should remove any non-friend suggestions from the Messenger sidebar. Your Facebook account is no longer associated with the phone numbers you uploaded to your contacts.

Method 2: Disable Upload Contacts on Messenger

By disabling Messenger’s access to your phone’s contacts, we can make sure that it no longer suggests contacts from your phone.

  • If you have an Android or iPhone, launch the Messenger app.
  • Select your user profile by clicking on the profile picture in the upper left corner.

remove suggested in messenger

  • Select from the list below by scrolling or tapping.Verbal Interactionswithin the Settings menu.

remove suggested in messenger

  • Select the first option that appears on the following screen, which isInput Contacts.

remove suggested in messenger

  • This page will take you to a new one.Get in touch with your friends and family via Messenger. page. Tap on Turn OffMessenger will immediately stop synching your contact list.

remove suggested in messenger

Consequently, Facebook Messenger will no longer have access to your contact list on your mobile device. That’s why you won’t see any more suggested friends in Messenger.

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The blue Update All Contacts button is something you should stay away from, too. It’s the wrong choice because it’ll share your phonebook with Facebook.

Another Option for Disabling Messenger’s Suggestions

To turn off Suggestions in Facebook Messenger, open the app and tap the profile icon. On iOS, it’s at the top left, while on Android it’s at the top right. Go down to where it says “Messenger Settings,” and do that. Simply turning off the “Suggestions” toggle will stop Messenger from making suggestions.

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