How to Reopen Snaps on Snapchat (Reopen a Snap More Than Twice)

SnapChat was introduced to the rest of the world in July 2011, and it arrived in India in October 2012. Even though it’s just another social media platform like Facebook or Instagram, Snapchat has been given credit for many unique qualities since its inception that make it stand out from the crowd.

reopen snaps on snapchat

Above all else, Snapchat realized the hopes of millions of young people who were concerned about the safety and anonymity of their photo sharing.

The platform developed a feature that ensures the disappearance of any photo or video shared with another Snapchatter as soon as it is viewed, protecting the privacy of its users.

Many young people were able to have safe conversations with both friends and strangers thanks to this feature.

But very quickly, the novelty of Snapchat’s fleeting snaps wore off. Users hoped for customization options in case they viewed the photos more than once.

In response to these requests, Snapchat introduced the ability to replay snaps for a fee. Due to this, thousands of Snapchat users left the app in protest.

Snapchat immediately released the ability to replay snaps for free after realizing its error, thereby attracting a large number of former users once again.

Today’s Snapchat users aren’t content with just one replay option, and that trend has continued into the present day. Many of them would like the option to view photos and videos more than once.

Do you find yourself among those Snapchatters who want to know how to reopen old snaps? You’re in the right place!

Today, we’ll go over the simple steps for reopening a Snap more than twice and explaining how to see previously opened Snaps again.

If you want to know the details about the blog’s subject matter, you’ll have to stick around until the very end.

How to Reopen Snaps for the First Time

Let’s say you were midway through a snap when your mom called. By the time you got back to the app, it was too late.

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A lost snap may not bother some people at all, but for others, it can be a source of extreme frustration. Because of this, Snapchat now allows users to re-watch or re-open any snap they’ve already viewed.

However, it can be difficult to reopen a snap after it has already been closed. You can’t just watch it once and decide to watch it again after work. We regret to inform you that this is not how things operate.

Following these steps will allow you to reopen a previously closed snap in Snapchat. If not, you might never see that photo again.

Here’s what you have to do to reopen a snap that was sent to you:

Step 1:Once everyone has seen a photo or video, everyone is on the same page. As soon as the snap ends, a blank red or purple box will appear.Keep your finger down to rewind or saveImmediately adjacent to it.

reopen snaps on snapchat

You can now save that Snap to your chat history or download it to your camera roll to view whenever you like thanks to this message.

But that’s not always the case. In some pictures, the message is all that’s there.Click and hold to see it again.Here is where the difficulty level increases.

reopen snaps on snapchat

Step 2:While the snap is being reloaded, press the square for a few seconds. It could take more than a few seconds if it’s a video or if your network is slow. But don’t lose patience and click away; you might not get another chance.

Step 3:When the previously empty square once again contains red or purple, it means that your snap can be reopened or replayed. If you tap that square, the photo or video will play again.

One more interesting aspect of rewatching a snap is that Snapchat alerts the original sender of your action. If that’s going to put you on edge around them, you may want to reconsider. Similarly, capturing a screenshot of someone else’s photo would be illegal.

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But What Happens If You Close the App?

When reviewing a snap for the first time, maintainingChat page. Remember that if you navigate away from this page or close the app, you will lose the ability to play it again.

How to Reopen a Snap More Than Twice

Have you ever looked at a photograph twice and still wanted to see it just once more? It could be pictures from a friend’s sleepover, a video of their adorable dog doing tricks, or anything else that holds significance for you. I don’t understand how you can sit through it again.

It turns out there is a method that can assist you in accomplishing this. However, this is a tricky trick that may require too many steps on your smartphone. You are free to stop at any time if you find it to be an unnecessary burden.

This article will serve as a step-by-step guide to achieving that goal:

Step 1:To use Snapchat, launch the app and navigate to theChat page. In this section, you’ll find a list of all the people you regularly snap, including both unread and read snaps from each of your friends.

Those that have recently been added will have a square of red or purple withNew Snap affixed to the very next to it. For the ones you’ve already seen, you’ll recognize the familiar empty square with a printed message.Received alongside other things.

reopen snaps on snapchat

Step 2:Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth while viewing this page.Put Into Airplane Setting. To a large extent, the procedure is the same for both Android and Apple devices. To do the former, swipe down from the top of your screen; to do the latter, swipe up from the bottom.

Both scenarios will present you with an airplane icon; tapping it will activate airplane mode on your device.

reopen snaps on snapchat

Step 3:Using Snapchat while your phone is in airplane mode will result in your actions being deleted from Snapchat’s servers due to a lack of network.

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Go ahead and open the snaps you want to play again and again that you haven’t yet.

reopen snaps on snapchat

Step 4:After turning off airplane mode, Snapchat will still display the unread snaps as filled square boxes. Snaps can be replayed indefinitely in this manner.

reopen snaps on snapchat

But remember, there’s no going back if you’ve already watched a snap before turning on airplane mode.

How to Change Snap Settings to Loop or No Limit

If you feel as though you are missing out on the vast majority of snapshots, there is a simple solution. Do you wish to learn the secret of making this happen?

Having your Snapchat-using friends or acquaintances adjust a simple setting on their own devices is the quickest and easiest method. You see, Snapchat recently introduced two updates that make it possible for users to keep a snap open for as long as they like before closing it.

The No Limit feature is a great way to send unlimited photo snaps to friends and family. As a precaution, all sent snaps would automatically delete after 10 seconds. Selecting the No Limit option, however, allows the recipient of your snap to view it for as long as they like before being forced to exit the screen.

The process is simple and easy to understand if you’re wondering how to do it. A sender only needs to choose theNo Limitoption following the snap’s click. On the right side of the page, near the top, you’ll see a clock with an infinity symbol inside of it; this is where you’ll access the tool. The task is complete once you click the clock.

reopen snaps on snapchat

If the photo is a video, you’ll need to use something else, probably aLoopThe positioning of this choice is identical to that of theNo Limit button, except that rather than displaying the time, it displays an infinite loop with an infinity symbol in the middle. If you check this box, the recipient will be subjected to an endless loop of your video unless they manually stop it.

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