How to Save a Video from Messenger: 5 Quick Steps

Do you want your Messenger app-created videos to show up in your Gallery without you having to download them first? In a word, yes. The messenger app will automatically save any media you receive to your gallery. You just need to adjust a few settings. It’s the same way you can disable Facebook Messenger notifications in your phone’s settings. By following the steps in this article, you can store the video from Messenger in your gallery.

Here’s a quick and simple guide to saving videos on the messenger in just 4 steps. Your phone will give you instantaneous access to them.

How To Save Video From Facebook Messenger Easy

Save Video From Messenger in 4 Easy Steps

Step 1 Launch the Messenger Program:To use the messenger function on your mobile device, launch it from the app drawer. The app’s icon is down below, or you can find it by searching for it.

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Second, select Personal Information:You can now see your profile icon in the messenger app’s launcher. Your Facebook profile picture will be displayed in the top left corner of the screen on the profile icon. Just select your profile picture or icon.

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Step-3 Select Images and Media to View:The “photos & media” option is located in the “settings” menu, which you can access by following the steps below. To proceed to the final stage, select the option and click it.

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4th Step: Check the Box for “Save On Capture”The Save On Caption option can be found in the “Photos & Media” section of the preferences menu.

  • The Google toggle is located next to the capture button on the right. To activate, just click the button.
  • If you don’t turn it on, it will shift to the right and turn blue.
  • If you enable this setting, any media you create or capture within the Messenger app before sending it to a recipient will be saved.
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Can I Save Any Particular Video or Image That Someone Send me On Messenger?

The videos and photos sent to you via the messenger app can be saved. You’ll need to open the person’s chat to download the photo or video they sent. The menu of available actions will appear if you tap and hold the media file. Simply select “save” from the menu that appears, and the files will be saved to your phone’s gallery.

Can I Delete a Group or Group Chat on Messenger?

Your group’s Messenger conversation can be deleted at any time. Messenger allows you to delete a group from your account if you decide it is no longer useful to you.

Does Messenger Allows To Download or Save Someone’s Chat?

Certainly, you can keep a conversation with anyone you choose in your Messenger history. Select the conversation with the desired person and click the Save button. Once you’re in a chat, look for a way to save your conversations as an extension. You can select the data and the time frame you’re interested in downloading. You can save your conversation by going to the “create the file” menu and selecting the option once you’ve reached the bottom.

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