How to Save TikTok Video Without Posting it (Android): 6 Steps

TikTok allows users to make, edit, and share videos in a variety of styles. These videos can be posted to your followers’ pages and shared with them. On the other hand, if you are unsure whether or not you want to share it right away, you can make it and store it in your phone’s gallery. This may be done for various reasons, including getting a second opinion before making a public statement. Read on for information on how to avoid sharing videos on TikTok. The procedures are broken down into two distinct phases for clarity.

Does TikTok Allow Users to Download Videos Before Sharing Them? You read that correctly. Everyone can access the videos on Tiktok. Tiktok allows users to record multiple videos, but only the ones they choose to share with their followers are shown. Let’s take a look at how to do that behind closed doors now. Okay, let’s get going.

Save TikTok Video Without Posting It With 8 Easy Steps

Step-1 For more, select the plus sign ( ):First, make sure you’re using the most recent version of the Tiktok app.

  • Bring up the Tiktok app right this second.
  • The app’s landing page will appear after you launch it.
  • Tap the plus sign ( ) in the bottom toolbar on the homepage to add a new item.
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Step-2 Get it on tape:Here, you’ll need to produce a video. As soon as you do, begin recording. A video can be recorded for three minutes, sixty seconds, or fifteen seconds, depending on your preference.

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Step-3 Select the checkmark icon by tapping on it:When the video recording is complete. There will be a checkmark icon on the right side of the page that you need to tap.

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Fourth, press the Next button:In its place, the ‘next’ button should now be visible. Get to tapping!

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Fifth, select “Everyone” by tapping on it.A drop-down menu will appear with options like “Add link,” “Who can watch this video,” and “Allow comments” for the video you just recorded.

  • Select the option that asks Who can watch this video? here.
  • Select the option with the word “Everyone” next to it.
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Sixth, select “Only me” by tapping on it.When you choose Everyone from the drop-down menu, you’ll see a new selection appear.

  • Everybody, My Pals, and Me, Personally are the three.
  • Given that you have yet to share the clip online.
  • The “Only Me” option is mandatory.
  • Please tap it now.
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Seventh, select “Confirm” by tapping on it:Once you’ve set the video to private, no one else will be able to watch it.

  • There’ll be a prompt asking you to set the video for private viewing.
  • There will be a Confirm and Cancel button to choose from.
  • The Confirm button must be selected.
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Eighth Step Click “Post”:Last but not least, upload the finished video to your stream. The pillar must be tapped on. As a result, the video you just recorded will appear on Tiktok.

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How do I create a draft of a video on Tiktok?

To create a draft of the video on Tiktok. All of the above instructions must be followed in order. Step 8 is identical except that you won’t be clicking on a post. Select “Drafts” from the menu. As a result, your Tiktok video will be added to your drafts.

Can Ten Videos Be Hidden From Tiktok?

Creating 10 private videos is possible on Tiktok. Tiktok will hide them from your feed. The aforementioned measures can also be taken to ensure their privacy.

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Can You Make a Video on Tiktok Without Having to Hold the Recording Button?

You can record a video on Tiktok without pressing the record button the entire time. This means the user can record their videos without any hassle and with higher quality for use on Tiktok. You can also create the setup and record the video yourself.

How To Save TikTok Video as Draft

Steps to follow to save TikTok videos without posting (First stage)

First, download and open TikTok:Starting off, open the TikTok app. You can find the TikTok app in your phone’s file manager. The standard music note icon, in white, will be used to denote this. When you launch the app, it will go straight to the feed.

save TikTok video without posting

Visit the “New videos” tab, then:The new videos can be found in the app’s main menu. You can do this by selecting the ” ” button at the display’s base. Once you click that, you’ll be brought to the page where you can start making your video.

save TikTok video without posting

Three, create a video of your choosing:If you want to upload a video to the new section, it will be up to you to decide what to film. The record button is the red circle. It’s also possible to use fancy filters and effects. Create a full video you intend to record.

save TikTok video without posting

Afterward, select the “Next” button:After making your video and making any necessary changes, you’ll be prompted to select the next option. Located in the upper right hand corner. By clicking it, you’ll be brought to the forum’s posting page.

save TikTok video without posting

5. Choose the audience from the “who can see my video” drop-down menu:The next screen will give you the option of deciding who can watch your video. Choose who can see your post with this privacy setting. To make something private, you must tap the corresponding button and choose that option.

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save TikTok video without posting

Options to Choose from, Number 6

save TikTok video without posting

Seven, share the clip:After you’ve finished making your adjustments to the video’s security settings, you can upload it to your profile. It could take a second or two.

save tiktok video

Steps to be followed to save TikTok video without posting  (second stage)

Step 1: Visit your profile page.After publishing the video, you should visit your personal profile. To access your profile, tap the profile picture in the lower right corner.

Two, play the video:If you go to your profile page, visitors will be able to watch all the videos you’ve uploaded. You’ll need to track down the video you downloaded specifically. By default, it will play before any other videos. You can unlock it with a single tap.

Third, select the Share button:As soon as you launch the video, several controls will appear on the right. Make use of the share button. A curved arrow symbol represents this concept. You only need to tap it once to access all of the sharing choices.

The fourth step is to click “Save.”You need to pick the “save” option from the list of available choices. A down arrow will represent this choice. You only need to tap it once to begin the recording process.

After you’ve downloaded the clip, check that it’s appropriate for public viewing before sharing it. Here’s how to download videos from TikTok without sharing them. Although there are many steps, they are all relatively straightforward. If you use this technique, you won’t need to get a third-party app.

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