How to See Friends Deleted Posts on Facebook

We all go through different stages of life, and it’s only natural that our online personas would change as we did. What would you think if you logged into Facebook right now and saw the first photo you posted, say, five years ago?

find someone's deleted facebook post

Typical user reaction: “Eww” They wouldn’t be completely off-base, either.

As we get older, we realize how naive and immature we were when we were younger.

The problem arises if you don’t want the people in your current circle to know that part of you. You immediately consider removing the photo from your Facebook profile.

Let’s say your Facebook friend or someone else you know has recently deleted some of their older posts. You may have noticed that there are no longer any posts here, but do you know where to look to find them?

The focus of today’s blog post will be on just that topic. Stay with us until the end if you want to know how to view your Facebook friends’ deleted posts.

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Can You Find Someone’s Deleted Facebook Posts?

All of your friend’s or anyone else’s deleted posts are hidden from your view. Whenever a user removes a status update from their timeline, it is immediately moved to the trash where it will remain for 30 days before being removed permanently. If you see a post on someone else’s profile or timeline that you know they’ve since deleted, you can assume they no longer want others to see it.

You can only get to it from their end of the internet.Trashand gain entry to this individual’sTrash,You can’t log in unless you know their credentials. If you have those, you won’t have any trouble locating this thread again (within the next 30 days). But we regret to inform you that if you don’t, you won’t be able to find it any other way.

How to Find Your Deleted Posts on Facebook

Step 1:If you haven’t already, launch Facebook and enter your credentials to gain access. Starting with the homepage (Newsfeed, locate your profile by tapping on the thumbnail of your name and picture in the top left or right corner of the screen.timeline.

find someone's deleted facebook post

Step 2:In the event that you are already on yourtimelineIn the column to your right of your profile picture, name, and bio, you’ll see three buttons. The tiniest button in this set-up has three horizontal dots on it; press it.

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find someone's deleted facebook post

Step 3:When you tap it, a menu with various options will float up from the screen. Navigate Log of Activitieson this menu; once located, select it.

find someone's deleted facebook post

Step 4:When you click that button, you’ll be directed to theAccount Book of Eventstab. This page features a list of resources on the right-handSharing your thoughts, making new contacts, Interactions, etc. The more you read down this list, theJar for Used Paper and Plasticsincluding a garbage can symbol. If you select this menu item, you’ll be taken to a history of all the posts you’ve removed from your account.timeline over the past thirty days.

find someone's deleted facebook post

Step 5:There is a tiny icon with three dots on the right side of each of these posts. You can either permanently delete it, move it to an archive, or restore it to your timeline by tapping on it.

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find someone's deleted facebook post

Therefore, you are free to do whatever you like with this post. On the other hand, you can just let it be if that’s what you prefer. Not that it matters, but all comments remain in thetrashonly for a limited time (of 30 days) before being permanently removed.


Our blog post has come to an end. This article will explain how to delete a Facebook post. We talked about how trashed posts hang around for 30 days before being removed permanently. At any time during this window, you can choose to bring a post back onto your timeline or move it to your archive.

Leave a comment below letting us know if the information in our blog has helped answer any questions you may still have.

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