How to See Friends List on Facebook If Hidden (See Hidden Friends on Facebook)

Users frequently hide or lock their friend lists on Facebook so that no one, not even their friends, can see who they’re friends with. People prefer to restrict who can view their social media profiles because they want to keep their friends and activities private.

see someone's hidden friend list on facebook

But it’s human nature to be nosy, and that’s why you want to check out someone’s Facebook friends.

However, if their friend list is concealed, you can still use a few tricks to your advantage.

In this tutorial, you’ll find out the various reasons why people choose to conceal their Facebook friend lists and the various methods available for accessing these lists.

How to See Friends List on Facebook If Hidden (See Hidden Friends on Facebook)

1. See Hidden Friends on Facebook by Identifying Mutual Friends

  • Fire up the Facebook app on your Apple or Google mobile device.
  • Go to the profile of the Facebook user whose secret friends you want to view.
  • Select an image from the user’s gallery, then copy the code below it. “fbid=”
  • Paste[xyz]/friendson a new tab, to replace[xyz]along with the duplicated phone number.
  • When you press the enter key, Facebook will reveal your exclusive friend list.
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How to Access Your Secret Facebook Friend List – A Visual Guide

2. See Hidden Mutual Friends on Facebook

  • A Facebook account can be accessed by opening the website and signing in.
  • Retrieve the ID of the friend who is hiding.
  • Get the IDs of people who you know have other accounts or are friends with.
  • Put the identifiers in this URL:
  • If you paste this compiled URL into a browser’s address bar, you’ll be able to view the two users’ mutual friends on Facebook who are otherwise hidden from view.

see someone's hidden friend list on facebook

3. Facebook’s Hidden Friends Finder

This method can be used to uncover a user’s private Facebook friend list. To view someone’s friend list, you must have at least one mutual connection with them.

The Friend Finder Page displays the common friends between you and the person you’re trying to reach.

  • If you have a Facebook account, you can access the Friend Finder Page by searching for it.
  • As you continue to browse the site, you will eventually reach the section listing mutual friends.
  • Next, look up the profile of the person whose friends you wish to view. The person you share a connection with is right there in front of your eyes.
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4. Graph Search

Facebook’s Chart Search feature can be used to locate a user’s find list.

Take Mark, a Facebook employee who lives in California, as an example; suppose you’re interested in viewing his secret friends list.

Then type “Facebook employees who live in California” into the search bar. Using this method, you can generate a list of people who, theoretically, could be on Mark’s friend list.

You can use keywords you enter to narrow down the people you see on Facebook.

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