How to See Gmail Password After Login (Updated)

Internet users had very little storage space before Google launched Gmail. For this reason, they had to clear out some old messages before they could sign up for the service. One gigabyte of storage was available to invite-only users when Gmail first debuted. Gmail has been continually upgraded by Google since it was first released in 2004, and it is now a market leader in the email sector.

see gmail password while logged in

Gmail’s primary service doesn’t cost a dime, and it gives you plenty of storage space for your messages. It provides a number of tools that improve the efficiency of your email. Built-in chatting, a conversation view, and spam filtering are all included.

You can access all of your Gmail features, including settings, contacts, and more, directly from the interface. Gmail’s top right corner is also where you’ll find links to Google’s other services, such as Docs, YouTube, and Calendar.

Since Gmail is just one of Google’s many services, users are required to sign up for a Google account in order to use it.

Following the steps in this tutorial will allow you to view your Gmail password in plain text while logged in.

Can You See Gmail Password After Login?

Sure, there are a few different ways to check your Gmail password once you’ve logged in. If you want to see an email in your logged-in Gmail account but have forgotten the password, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve compiled a list of three approaches you can take. The best way to understand all of these options is to examine them individually.

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How to See Gmail Password After Login

1. View Gmail Password using Chrome Settings

We’ll start by learning the specifics of using this technique on your laptop or desktop computer. Consequently, Chrome usually prompts you to save your Gmail password after you log in. Chrome will automatically save your changes when you select the Save button. When you log in or out of your Gmail account, you can view your password.

As a Desktop App:

Step 1: Go to Chrome, by GoogleGo to chrome://settings/passwords. You have reached the login page.

see gmail password while logged in

Step 2:Please review the on the password page.Keepn Secrets portion. Your Gmail ( username and password will be displayed here. Still, the passphrase won’t be displayed until you click theHuman Eye icon.

see gmail password while logged in

Step 3:You’ll need to enter your Windows password after clicking the eye icon. Enter the password and confirm your selection by clicking the button.

see gmail password while logged in

Step 4:After that, your Gmail password will display once you’re logged in.

see gmail password while logged in

This is the Smartphone version of

Now, let’s go over how to check your Gmail passcode in Chrome on your mobile device.

Step 1:To begin, launch the Google Chrome web browser and go to your Gmail account’s homepage. Start up Chrome on your mobile device right now.

Step 2:To access the menu, select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen. The can be found at the end of theSettings option. To use, touch it.

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Step 3:Under the on the Preferences screen, clickBasics segment, you’ll discover the Passwords option. Tap on the shoulder Passwordsto inspect all of the passwords you’ve set up for your Gmail. The past versions of all of these were preserved thanks to your efforts.

Step 4:To access your Gmail account, select it when it appears. Then, tap the afterword on theThe Observing Human EyeClick the icon to decode the password, which will appear as a series of dots.

Step 5:However, you must enter your device’s password and tap OK before the password is revealed to you.

2. View Gmail Password through Personal Info

Before proceeding, make sure you’re logged into your Gmail account in Google Chrome.

On a Computer:

Step 1:Select the profile picture that appears in the upper right corner of your desktop browser.

Step 2:To the right of your e-mail address, you’ll see theTake charge of your Google Profile.button. To proceed, please select this option and click.

Step 3:The will be located over on the left side of your display.Confidential Informationupcoming sectionHomeChoose “Personal Details” from the menu.

Step 4:Just below this text, you’ll find theAdditional Resources and Citations for Google Servicessection. This is where you’ll want to selectsecret word protection.

Step 5:After that, you’ll be taken to Gmail’s sign-in page, where you can reset your password by clicking the Show password link. Your password will be displayed on the screen as soon as you click the button.

Phones with these capabilities:

We’ll take a quick look at how to access your Gmail account’s password recovery questions and answers on your mobile device now. Please read the instructions carefully so you can master this technique.

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Step 1:Launch Google Chrome on your mobile device and tap your profile picture in the browser’s upper right corner.

Step 2:You’ll find the link to manage your Google account right below your email address. Put your finger on this button and tap it.

Step 3:The mobile screen will then display your Google Account. Between “Home” and “Data & Privacy,” this is where you’ll see the “Personal Info” section. Click on Account info.

Step 4:Now, below the fold, you’ll see the Google services’ Additional Information and Citations. The password button is where you’ll want to click here.

Step 5:Now that you’ve arrived at the Gmail login screen, all you have to do is click theShow password button. The password for your Gmail account will be displayed when you click this link.

Some Closing Thoughts:

If you are already logged into your Gmail account, you can see your password in one of three ways. In the first option, you can inspect your Gmail password directly in Chrome’s preferences. Second, your Google password is viewable in your Personal Info. You can also access your Gmail password while logged in with Microsoft Outlook.

It is our sincere wish that you have found some useful information here. Please let us know in the comments if you run into any trouble while attempting to implement the strategies. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible.

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