How to See imo Contact Number: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Need the imo phone number? Imo is a popular IM app because of its free voice and video calling functionality. It’s an IM service that lets us send and receive media files like photos, videos, and music in real time.

If you’ve ever wanted to know who has befriended you on imo and how to get in touch with them, you’ve come to the right place. To get in touch with them, just use the information provided here.

How to show IMO number

Steps to see imo contact number

Initiate the imo App by Clicking Here.Look for an app on your Android or iOS device whose logo is a white speech bubble with the words “imo” written in blue font. Simply launch the desired imo app by clicking on its icon. Get your account set up and registered first if you haven’t already. This requires both your name and phone number.

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see imo contact number step 1

Click the “Contacts” icon in the bottom bar:In the very top row, you’ll see a total of five possibilities. A silhouetted human figure will represent the menu option in the upper right corner. That symbol represents your contact list. You should try tapping on it.

see imo contact number step 2

Third, maintain a firm grip on the connection.To get their number, simply long-press on their name in your contacts list. When you click it, a small submenu will appear.

see imo contact number step 3

To get to Step 4, select the profile by tapping on it.When a small menu appears, choose “Profile” from the list.

see imo contact number

In the fifth step, a phone number will be shown for you to call.If you go to their profile and click on their name, you will see their picture. You can find the person’s phone number listed directly under their name.

see imo contact number

You can easily find the imo contact number of anyone by following these instructions. This guide is great for people who added someone on imo but can’t remember who it was or how to contact them again.

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That being the case, you may want to look up their imo number. If this happens, it’s probably because you haven’t added their number to your phone’s contacts list. Checking the imo contact number can help you avoid adding a stranger by accident.


  • You can also view the imo number of a contact with whom you’ve already had a conversation in another way.
  • If you open their chat, you’ll find the ellipsis icon (three black dots in a row) in the top right corner.
  • If you select that, a drop-down menu will appear. This menu’s top row displays the name and profile picture of your most recent conversation partner as the first available option.
  • When you do, you’ll be taken to their profile. The user’s imo contact number will be displayed under their profile picture and name.

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