How to See Last Seen on Instagram (Instagram Last Seen Checker Online)

Instagram’s Most Recent Activity Status:The need to monitor the last activity of Instagram followers has grown in importance as the platform is used for increasingly longer and more varied periods of time. Various pieces of information can be analyzed to help you determine if your marketing strategy is successful.

check last seen on instagram

As Instagram grows in popularity for professional use, knowing when a contact was last active on the platform is increasingly important.

As a way to capitalize on the popularity of instant messaging and web-based conversations, Instagram launched Direct Messages in 2013.

Since you can see when a user was last active on Instagram through Direct Messages, it has quickly become a popular feature.

The last Instagram-like function has long since been implemented in Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp (all three are now Facebook products, by the way).

Some users find this indicator creepy, while others find it invasive of their privacy. However, there is a subset of users interested in learning the activity levels of other members. As far as they’re concerned, the most recent live signal is a must-have resource.

Those who dislike this function are primarily concerned about the potential of an online checker for Instagram.

In this tutorial, you’ll find out how to check your Instagram profile’s last seen time on both Android and iOS devices.

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These methods can also be used to determine when a hidden Instagram account was last active.

Can You Check Last Seen on Instagram if Hidden?

If an Instagram account is set to private, it is impossible to see when it was last used. By default, Instagram’s “Show Activity Status” option remains enabled. This means that the platform will begin monitoring and disclosing your online activity as soon as you sign up. To the extent that other users have enabled the setting to “Show Activity Status,” they will be able to see the time since you last used Instagram. But if you disable it, you won’t know when someone was last online or what their last seen status was.

LinkedIn performs a function not dissimilar to this one. To see who has been checking out your LinkedIn profile, you’ll need to give LinkedIn permission to track your profile visits.

Please Read:It is not guaranteed that any two users who are following each other will see each other’s last active status. You can only set this status with people you’ve talked to on direct chat before.

How to See Last Seen on Instagram

Checking someone’s last seen on Instagram is as simple as visiting their Direct Messages, an in-app feature. To see someone’s last seen status, you must first start a conversation with them. If you return to the conversation list, you will see the last time the person was online.

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Follow these steps to:

  • Launch the Instagram application on your Apple or Google mobile device.
  • Select the conversation bubble shaped Messages icon on the upper right.
  • To learn when someone was last seen, start a conversation with them.
  • If you return to your conversation history, you’ll find that each participant’s last seen and current online status are displayed there.

check last seen on instagram

You will obviously need to enter Instagram’s chat room in order to use this function, as it pertains to private messaging.

As an added bonus, the status is only updated when you actually go to the DM section. When you share an image, it won’t affect your last seen online time. Those who are worried about their privacy can breathe a sigh of relief.

How to Unhide Your Instagram Last Seen (Video Guide)

How to Hide Last Seen on Instagram

Instagram keeps the “Show activity status” option enabled by default, but users also have the option to conceal their last seen time.

You can easily disable this feature if keeping tabs on other users’ online times is something you’re not interested in, or if you’re just concerned about your own privacy.

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This feature is helpful if you don’t want other people on Instagram to know if you were active in chat. Naturally, when you disable it, you will no longer be able to view other users’ last seen online statuses.

You can disable the app’s “Show activity status” feature by selecting your profile picture from the app’s bottom menu bar. Then, select “Privacy” from the “Settings” submenu that you’ll find under the hamburger menu. After that, select “Activity Status.”

check last seen on instagram

The “Show activity status” setting can be turned on or off using the corresponding toggle button.

This setting allows you to easily manage who can see your activity status updates. At any time, you can switch it on or off, and then, in the private messaging section, you’ll be able to see the users’ most recent online states.

While this is one method, there are others that can be used to estimate your inactivity. When was the last time you updated your Instagram? They can also access your activity through the “Following” tab in the notifications section.

Closing Remarks:

The last active status raises serious privacy concerns, but Instagram has wisely made it easy to choose whether or not to share it.

You can use the feature if you find it useful, but you can also safeguard your privacy if you prefer. You can get great results from it if you use it wisely.

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