How to See Recently Watched Reels on Instagram (Instagram Reels History)

Instagram did a fantastic job of delivering the reels to their audience. The business’s goal was to mimic TikTok’s video functions, and it succeeded, at least to some extent. People have gone crazy over the company’s reel feature ever since it was introduced, and for good reason. Intriguingly, there’s always something new to learn from each video.

see history of watched videos on reels

The platform’s personalized explore tab and fun reels are two examples of how it maintains users’ attention at all times.

The talented content creators and social media influencers who put their hearts into making these reels are what really make it stand out.

If you ask any Instagram professional, they will tell you that reels get the most views and comments of any Instagram content type.

There is a reason why reels are so widely used as Instagram content.

Instagram users, however, are unable to access their video viewing history or the compilations they’ve liked. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t access your previously viewed Instagram stories.

Yes, it would have been fantastic if the platform had introduced a feature that revealed users’ viewing habits.

Don’t fret, though; it’s over now.

We tried a few tips and tricks we saw in recently viewed Instagram reels, and they turned out to be very effective.

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Use the information here to track down a previously viewed Instagram highlight reel. To that end, I hope you’ll stick around and take in some information.

By the time you finish reading this, you should be able to view your Instagram highlight reels.

How to Find a Reel You Watched on Instagram

If you remember the Instagram username of the poster, you can search for that user and scroll through all of their videos to find the reel you were watching before. If you stick with that person, you should have an easier time locating the reel.

Now, if you can’t think of the username but you remember the sound or effect used in the reel in question, you can use that to narrow down your search. This approach, however, is rather involved.

You need to first search for the same sound, and then watch hundreds of videos to find the one you were looking for once you find it. As a result, it’s so impractical as to be meaningless.

Let’s check out the various options for reviewing your Instagram video viewing habits.

How to See Recently Watched Reels on Instagram

Method 1: Download Your Instagram Account Data

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If you want a list of the Instagram videos you’ve already watched, this is one of the best and most efficient methods. As Instagram keeps track of all the information related to your account, including the reels videos you’ve watched and liked, you can easily request this information. That facilitates data collection in situations where it is necessary. This information is accessible via browser, Android, and iPhone.

Follow these steps to:

  • Activate your Instagram account by launching the app.
  • To access your profile, select the image of yourself that appears in the bottom left of the screen.
  • To edit your profile, click the burger menu in the top right corner of the page.
  • From the drop-down menu, choose Settings.
  • After being taken to your profile page, select the Security tab.
  • In the section labeled “Data and History,” select “Download Data” at the bottom of the page.
  • It will require you to enter the email address associated with your Instagram profile. Click the Request Download button after entering the user’s registered email address.
  • The next step is to enter your password and continue.
  • We have received your request to download account information. Now they can start compiling a dossier on your Instagram activity, including what you’ve posted, liked, and watched.
  • But keep in mind that Instagram doesn’t always send the link instantly. The company will email you a link to your Instagram history, but it could take up to 48 hours.
  • You can access the zip file via email, and then download it to your computer or mobile device.
  • Find the reels.html file and open it in the Content folder. All of the Instagram Reels you’ve ever watched are saved here.
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Method 2: Look at Your Saved Reels on Instagram

TikTok allows you to view your favorite reels whenever you want. As a result, all the videos you’ve liked on TikTok will be collected in a special “liked videos” folder. The saved reels are more accessible than the liked reels. Therefore, you should think about bookmarking the reels on your Instagram feed so you can easily locate them in the future.

Instagram users can access their saved clips by opening the app, tapping the profile icon in the lower right corner, then tapping the three vertical dots in the upper right. So, there you have it! In this folder, you’ll find all the recorded episodes you’ve seen so far. The only catch is that the reels will be buried amongst a plethora of other saved posts.

That means you’ll have to sift through a lot of content to find something amusing to share with your pal. The reels will be marked with a small icon at the very top, making them easier to find.

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