How to See Someone’s Facebook Profile If They Blocked You

The culture of blocking others is most prevalent on Facebook, despite the fact that it is one of the most popular sites where users can easily locate one another. For some, it’s accounts that send them inappropriate messages, while for others, it’s actual people they don’t get along with. In fact, some users may even block relatives in an effort to conceal their digital footprint.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Someone blocking you on this platform isn’t out of the blue, so you shouldn’t be taken aback by it. However, this can put you in a sticky situation if you’re forced to view their profile after blocking them. When someone deletes all of your Facebook communications, how do you gain access to their profile again? Yes, that is precisely the kind of thing we can assist you with.

We realize how painful it can be to be blocked by someone you care about or once cared about. Even if you can’t get in touch with them, you might feel the need to see how they’re doing every once in a while.

If you stick around until the end, you’ll learn everything there is to know about bypassing a Facebook block.

How to See Someone’s Facebook Profile If They Blocked You

1. Do You Have URL or Username of This Person’s Facebook Account?

We have all become so reliant on our smartphones that we no longer feel the need to commit the phone numbers of those we speak with to memory. You may be wondering why we’ve suddenly started talking about memorizing phone numbers. Now, we shall explain our reasoning.

It seems odd to ask people if they have memorized the URL or username of someone’s Facebook profile in this day and age when nobody memorizes a contact number.

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Fear not; we have no intention of asking such a ridiculous question, even though it would be helpful at this stage.

Is there any question as to why? Follow the instructions below to learn:

Step 1:A Facebook handle or link can be copied if you can find it. An example of a suitable URL for your profile The “xyz” in this case represents the user’s username.

Step 2:Now log out of Facebook and any other accounts you may have had open in your browser (and delete their cookies if you did).

Step 3:Simply access your browser’s incognito mode by clicking the ellipses (…) in the top right corner and selecting theNew Private Browsing Mode.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Step 4:Next, switch to private browsing mode and head to

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Step 5:Simply hit “Paste” on the search bar and then “Search” to quickly find the profile you were looking for.Enter button. Note:You can find the person who blocked you by searching for their full name or username instead of just their profile URL.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Step 6:If the Facebook profile URL is correct and you’ve followed the instructions above, the person’s profile will be displayed as the top result.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Step 7:If you click on their Facebook URL, you can check out their profile, complete with photo and all of their recent status updates.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

However, it doesn’t appear that this method is always effective. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work, but don’t give up hope if it doesn’t work for you either. This blog will provide you with a wide variety of future options.

Note:You may have read on some weblogs that your past interactions with this person can be mined for the URL to their profile. While that strategy may have succeeded in the past, it is no longer effective. These days, the majority of the URL for a Facebook conversation is made up of what appears to be random numbers rather than the user’s actual username.

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2. View Profile Through Tagged Photos

Let us forewarn you that there is no absolute guarantee that this method will work before we tell you how to find someone’s Facebook profile by going through tagged photos. Even so, if it does turn out to be effective, we will be overjoyed for you.

We will assume that you care about this person if you persist in trying to view their profile after they have blocked you. You probably already know some of their mutual friends, right?

Consequently, you might be able to locate this person’s profile if a mutual friend has uploaded an image containing them as a tag. If you’re wondering how, all you have to do is copy the URL of this mutual friend’s profile.

After you do that, you can access their profile while remaining completely anonymous by following the same steps as before. Visit their profile and navigate to the photos section to look for the tagged photo of the person you’re trying to locate. If you do this, hopefully you’ll be able to view their profile.

view someone's facebook profile if they blocked you

Note:You won’t be able to see the tagged photo you were looking for if your friend’s profile is private.

3. Find Their Profile Using Google

We really hope this third approach will be successful for you if the previous two didn’t. We were saving this method for last because it has the best chance of success, but it is also the most time-consuming.

For this procedure, you need do nothing more complicated than open a web browser, enter:Facebook xyz(where “xyz” is replaced by their actual name), and then pounceEnter. If you do that, Facebook will return a long list of users with that name. The challenge comes from the need to examine each name to see if it is included.

If you’re having trouble finding the right people, try combining keywords; including additional personal details like their school/college names, hometown, and so on can help narrow down your search.

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The fact that their name appears here is further proof that they have blocked you. If you’ve thoroughly searched this list but still can’t locate the person you’re looking for, they may have deactivated their Facebook account.

Alternative Ways to See Someone’s Facebook Who Blocked You

Let’s say you’ve tried everything we’ve mentioned so far and nothing has worked, or you just don’t feel like dealing with the hassle. Looking for a quicker route to their Facebook page? Here are two simple methods for getting the job done:

Do you have mutual friends with this person?

To see the profile of someone who has blocked you but not them, it helps to have mutual friends with them. Your mutual friend can easily send you a screenshot of the person’s profile if you’re interested in viewing it. In addition, if you and this person are close enough, you can simply ask for their login information and take a look at their profile yourself.

Making a new Facebook account will help

If you’re the type who would rather not bother their friends with such requests, we’ve made an effort to find an alternative solution for you. To use this approach, you need do nothing more than create a dummy Facebook account, send a friend request to the target, and then peruse their profile. You can view their profile even if you don’t know them if they haven’t locked it. We really think this will be useful to you.


As we’ve seen today, there are several ways to view a Facebook profile of someone who has blocked you.

Making a new Facebook account and asking a mutual friend to show you their profile are two of the simplest ways to do it. You can also get their URL and search for their profile on Google or any other search engine if you’re willing to put in a little extra effort. If you have found any value in our blog, please share your thoughts with us below.

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