How to See Someone’s Whatsapp Status Without Them Knowing

WhatsApp’s status feature lets you share updates about yourself with your contacts, giving you a platform to introduce yourself and your interests to people you care about. In your status, you can write about anything you want to share with your friends and followers. Your friends and followers will be able to view your status updates and respond to you in kind. From the list of people who have seen your WhatsApp story, you can find out who has been checking it out.

view someone’s whatsapp status

A similar functionality allows you to view the status updates of your friends and respond accordingly. The person whose WhatsApp status you are viewing will see your name among the list of viewers when you open their status.

The WhatsApp status feature is great for keeping in touch with friends and family, but there may be times when you want to check on someone’s status without alerting them.

Have you ever felt compelled to do this but lacked the wherewithal to put your ideas into action? Don’t worry, we’ll explain how to secretly check someone’s WhatsApp status in this article.

Can You See Someone’s Whatsapp Status Without Them Knowing?

An individual’s WhatsApp status can be viewed invisibly by anyone. There may be circumstances in which disclosing that you have viewed someone’s status would be inappropriate.

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Simple procedures can be followed to complete the task. We’ll give you a quick rundown of the various approaches you can take.

How to See Someone’s Whatsapp Status Without Them Knowing

When you look at someone’s WhatsApp status, your name will appear in the list of people who have seen their story. These are the steps you should take if you don’t want your name to appear in the list after reading their story.

1. Turn Off Whatsapp Status Read Receipt

The WhatsApp status of anyone on your contact list can be viewed in this way, and they won’t even know it.

Step 1:To launch WhatsApp on your mobile device, simply tap its icon from the main menu. When you launch the app, you’ll see a vertical line of dots in the upper left corner. Simply tap the link.

view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

Step 2:In front of you, a menu of possibilities will appear. Pick one from that assortment.Settings.

view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

Step 3:You’ll be able to choose from a new set of alternatives after tapping the option.Account.

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view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

Step 4:Following this, select Privacy from the list of available options..

view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

Step 5:After selecting it, a new window will open up, revealing yet another set of options. One of the possibilities is asVerify purchases by reading the receipts.

view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

Step 6:To disable read receipts, click the horizontal button next to it.

view someone's whatsapp status without them knowing

If you turn off WhatsApp read receipts, you can secretly check on anyone’s status at any time without them knowing. Read receipts can be disabled at any time. However, in this case, you will be unable to view who has viewed your status updates.

2. View Status After Going Offline

Aside from the previously mentioned approach, you can also use this to view someone’s WhatsApp story without them knowing.

Step 1:Disconnect from your wireless network or turn off your mobile data.

Step 2:You can launch WhatsApp from your phone’s main menu by tapping its icon there.

Step 3:If you are not connected to the internet when you launch the app, nothing will happen.

Step 4:If you want to see someone’s WhatsApp status without them knowing, you can do so anonymously.

The aforementioned mechanism will only function until you go offline. If you’re already on the viewer’s list when you log in, the person can see when you log out. To clear things up, check out the person’s offline status in the few minutes before it disappears. The WhatsApp status update is valid for one day. This way, you can avoid going offline for an extended period of time and the other person won’t find out that you read their update.

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3. By Seeking a Friend’s Help 

You might be surprised to learn that asking a reliable friend or acquaintance for assistance can be useful in this situation. The person whose WhatsApp story you wish to view should also have your friend in their contact list.

Step 1:Inquire of a friend if they can check the person’s WhatsApp status for you. Depending on your preference, you can either send a text message or make a phone call to deliver this message.

Step 2:After they’ve seen the status, have them snap a photo of it. By simultaneously pressing the volume down and power buttons, they can take screenshots.

Step 3:Instruct them to send you the screenshot via WhatsApp once they’ve taken it.

Step 4:They can then forward it to your chat, where you can view the status update without the other person knowing. The third approach may seem more complicated than the other two, so it may be wise to choose one of the other two.

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