How to See When Someone Followed You on Instagram

All walks of life and all corners of the globe are represented among the millions of Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook users. Social media has made it possible for people from all over the world to connect and learn about each other’s cultures despite vast distances.

see date someone followed you on instagram

Have you ever wondered what day one of your closest friends on Instagram first began following you? If that’s the case, you’ve stumbled upon the proper webpage.

How to discover the exact moment a new Instagram follower joined your network is the topic of today’s article.

We’ve also covered how to look up the exact time you began following a user on Instagram, as well as other features.

Can You See When Someone Followed You on Instagram?

Seeing who has followed you on Instagram is not a guaranteed feature. It is not a priority for the platform to add this functionality because no user community has asked for it repeatedly.

But don’t start worrying about it just yet; we’re here to assist you. In the following paragraphs, we’ll talk about a few different approaches that will help you estimate roughly when someone started following you on Instagram.

Let’s check out some alternate approaches that might solve your problem or, at the very least, tell you roughly when you began following that user.

How to See When Someone Followed You on Instagram

1. Download Your Instagram Account Data

The only way to know for sure when someone started following you is to use this method. However, this method can be time-consuming, so avoid it if you need an immediate response. If you’re serious about finding the solution and have the time, proceed as described.

  • Initiate a session in Instagram on your mobile device.
  • Take a peek at your news feed’s footer. The first of five icons to appear before you. The icon on the far right of the screen will be your profile viewer.Photograph for Use in a Profile.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Just go to your profile and hit theIconic Hamburger(represented by three horizontally-placed, thin lines).

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Select the first option on the pop-up menu that reads “Settings.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Locate and select theSecurity option.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Get all the way down toFacts and background section. Please select the second option, “,” to continue.Receive information by downloading.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Upon doing so, you’ll be presented with the text.Take a copy of your Instagram posts.
  • In the space below, your logged-in email address will appear. From this page, you can save your accumulated date to your account or another convenient location.
  • It’s a simple case of clicking thePost a download requestpress the button and you’re done until you receive your data.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • You’ve probably noticed that it takes Instagram up to 48 hours to compile your information and send it to your email address. However, you need not worry; the file will be sent to you within the maximum of two hours.

see date someone followed you on instagram

  • Check your computer or laptop after receiving the email containing your data. You can read the information by downloading the file and opening it inNotepad.
  • Make use of the shortcut keycontrol F to bring up a search bar where you can type the username of the person whose information you’re looking for.
  • By doing so, you can view their username alongside the time they started following you.
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That settles it. Those of you who did manage to find what you were looking for have our sincere congratulations.

Don’t give up hope just yet if you didn’t. There are still some methods we can use to calculate a rough timeline for when they started following you.

2. Scrolling Up to See First Instagram Direct Message

This is our last tip for determining the precise time at which you first began following a particular Instagram user. If you follow the steps we’ve outlined, you’ll be able to pinpoint the day and possibly the hour they first began following you.

  • Launch Instagram on your mobile device and sign in.
  • Select their conversation in your direct messages.
  • We’d like to let you know that the less you and this person talk to each other through Instagram direct messages, the sooner you will discover when they begin following you.
  • To read the very first message you ever sent them, they’ll need to scroll back up to the top of the conversation.
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You will be able to see the time and date you both sent the first message to each other if you can track it down. We believe it’s reasonable to assume that they followed you either that day or within the next week.

Can You Sort Followers List on Instagram?

For this plan to succeed, you’ll need the other person’s cooperation. You shouldn’t use this method if you don’t want the person you’re trying to figure out when they started following you to find out.

If you’ve ever sorted your list of followers, you know that there’s a way to arrange them by when they joined your network. We realize this isn’t going to do you much good, but if you followed them very recently or back when you first created your account, it might.

If you believe that this approach can aid you, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1:Pull up Instagram on your Android or iOS device and sign in.

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Step 2:Take a look at the footer of your news feed and click on yourMiniature Iconthe profile page must be opened.

Step 3:Choose the Followers menu item, as shown in the image below.

Step 4:Then a search box will appear at the top of your screen. Once you scroll down past that, you’ll find aCategories section. Below that, you’ll find the inscriptionSort by.In addition,Default must be put in writing. To proceed, please click here.

Step 5:Three choices will appear in a pop-up menu:Consecutive Dates, Latest Date Used as Default,and This is the earliest date that has been followed.You can choose between the two timeslots based on how long ago you remember sticking to the instructions.

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