How to See When Someone Started Following Someone on Instagram 2022

We all know that Instagram is continually adding new users, but have you ever considered why? There’s no doubt about it; the content that’s being uploaded to Instagram today is unparalleled. Instagram users can also share short videos, but their length must ensure they never get stale.

see when someone started following someone on instagram

More than that, the release of reels on this platform has increased its overall allure. Today, a great many users present examples of their artistic abilities on this site.

Some Instagram users, however, aren’t interested in posting at all, preferring instead to merely lurk in the shadows, following the accounts of those they find interesting or whose posts spark their curiosity. This desire to know what other people are up to motivates people to spy on them.

Do you wish to know specific details about other users, such as when a new follower was added? You’ve come to the right place if you’re curious as to whether or not this is possible on Instagram.

In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to track down the precise moment an Instagram user began following another.

Can You See Someone’s Activity on Instagram?

Until October of this year, we would have been able to provide an instantaneous answer to your question. Since Instagram reorganized the following tab, however, users can no longer spy on the actions of other users.

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It wasn’t at random that this update was implemented. Many Instagram users have complained that their privacy is being invaded because their followers can see everything they do. And when many users were affected by the same problem, Instagram was compelled to take notice and implement a solution.

All you can do now if you want to follow someone’s Instagram progress is to check their profile frequently to see what they’ve posted or uploaded. Except in the case of mutual friends, you won’t know what they do on other people’s accounts.

Is It Possible to See When Someone Started Following Someone on Instagram?

Instagram makes it difficult to discover when a user first began following another user, with the exception of user-posted content and direct messages. Your own Activity Tab (the one with the little heart icon next to your profile) displays notifications and actions from “xyz ago” rather than the actual date and time they occurred.

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It’s a telltale sign that users view as intrusive the disclosure of the exact time and date at which they began following another user on the platform. Since this information is sensitive, Instagram chooses to conceal it. You can’t see when someone began following you unless you sign up for a third-party app.

Alternative Ways to See When Someone Followed Someone on Instagram?

Our response is the same regardless of whether you’re inquiring about another person’s behavior or your own. Instagram doesn’t reveal who started following who and when.

On the other hand, it’s obvious that you’ll have more freedom to do whatever you want in your own account than you would in someone else’s.

You probably want to know when a specific person began following you on Instagram. Well, we can’t promise an exact date, but we can give you some tips for estimating when it is. Explore the following options and see if any of them appeal to you:

Method 1: Do you follow this person back?

If you began following this person at roughly the same time that they did, you can estimate the length of time that you have been doing so as follows:

  • Start up Instagram on your mobile device.
  • The list of people you’re following will be displayed to the right of your profile picture.
  • In doing so, you will discover theSort feature at the very top of your list of followed accounts.
  • There are three choices available when you select sort. Instagram’s default sorting is based on popularity, but you can change it toWhen a date came after, where you can select “latest” or “earliest” to see results.
  • Once the names have been sorted to your liking, scroll down until you find this person’s name.
  • You can estimate when you first met this person on the platform by looking at the accounts that come before and after theirs in the list.
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Method 2: Do you talk to them in DMs often?

We all have those people we don’t get to see very often but with whom we’ve been in constant contact through various forms of social media since the beginning. If this is the case, you can roughly estimate how long you’ve been connected on Instagram by revisiting your first conversation with this person.

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