How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post (Updated)

Everybody loves it when others respond to their posts with likes and comments, but having someone actually save one of your posts is a whole other level of awesome. In itself, the thought of someone saving your content for later because they found it enjoyable is an incredibly flattering thought.

who saved your instagram posts

Doesn’t it pique your interest, though, every time you notice that the bookmark icon in your browser’s address bar is filled in, with numbers below it? Are you curious about who these individuals could be? What convinced them to come to your aid and keep your post open? So, what exactly was it that they found so appealing? There are probably some of you who would like to send them a thank-you note for the thoughtfulness they’ve shown in creating this post.

But before you can do any of that, you need to figure out who these individuals are. We have the answer if you’re wondering if it’s possible to do so on Instagram.

Here, we’ll talk about whether or not Instagram users can view your saved posts.

Can You See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

If you have a public Instagram account, you won’t be able to see who has saved your posts. However, there are advantages to having a business account, which is tailored to the needs of creators and businesses looking to expand their presence on the site.

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Are you curious about the capabilities of an Instagram business account regarding archived content? We’ve got you covered.

How to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post

If you’re hoping to keep tabs on who’s bookmarked your Instagram posts thanks to a business account, you’ll be sorely disappointed. You can’t do that on Instagram, but you do get more of a look at public profiles than you would with a private account.

Want to know the answer?

You can see how many people liked or saved your Instagram photo or video.

Follow these steps to:

  • Launch Instagram on your mobile device and navigate to your profile.

who saved your instagram post

  • Explore your timeline and select any update to view it.

who saved your instagram post

  • Noticeably, when you expand the post to fill your entire screen,Explore Data and Contextwritten directly above the thumbs up, comments, and share buttons.

who saved your instagram post

  • We’re taking you to a new page where you can find theResults Postedspecifically for this position.
  • You can see how many people have interacted with your post by liking, commenting, sharing, or saving it, as well as a smaller preview of your post.
  • You can verify the saving options by looking at the number that’s been provided under the black bookmark icon. If there is no number in the box next to the icon, that means nobody has bookmarked the post.

who saved your instagram post

Alternative Way to See Who Saved Your Instagram Posts

Most users will likely find this solution to be rather simple, but take our word for it that it is effective the vast majority of the time. If any of your followers have bookmarked any of your posts, it’s because they found it valuable, and they won’t be shy about letting you know.

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Do you not know where to begin or what to do? You can’t possibly direct message all of your followers and ask if they’ve saved it. It would take a lot of time and likely make you look strange to other people. But imagine you wrote about it on your story. Because of this, not only will all of your followers see it simultaneously, but they will also feel more at ease responding to you.

If you want to know how to ask your followers about it, read the steps below.

Step 1:Launch the Instagram app on your mobile device, navigate to your profile, and tap on the post that has been favorited by other Instagram users.

Step 2:Catch the image of the post on your screen. Next, return to your profile and look for a plus sign next to the three vertical dots in the top right corner. You should click it when you get there.

Step 3:Several content generation choices will appear in a menu that scrolls up from the screen. Pick one from the following options.Story.

Step 4:There, you’ll be escorted to theComment on Storyscreen showing the latest images you’ve uploaded to your gallery. All that’s left to do now is select the screenshot you just took, hit theText and then type “Can you people tell me who has saved this post?” to see who has bookmarked the post. In the end, press theInsert into Taleclick the submit button at the bottom, and your story will be published.

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What do you think? Are you curious to learn this person’s identity? With any luck, the solution will bring you joy.

Can Third-Party Tools Help You to See Who Saved Your Instagram Post?

All social media users can benefit from third-party tools. Nothing is impossible with these platforms when you use the right app, extension, or tool. As such, it’s only natural to wonder if a third-party app can help you discover the identities of those who have bookmarked your posts.

Can they, though? Not at all, and here are some reasons why:

Instagram hides who saves which posts and reels from other users to protect their privacy. Further, due to the robust security measures taken by the platform’s server, it is currently impossible for any external tool to acquire such data.

We promise to let you know as soon as such a tool becomes available.


This concludes our blog post. We’ve discussed today what a great platform is and how its users can bookmark posts they want to read again later. Instagram, however, does not reveal the identities of these users out of respect for their privacy.

Although it may seem unfair to some, there isn’t much you can do about it. If you’re posting from a private account, you’ll never know if anyone has even read it. Insights on an Instagram business account, however, will reveal how many people have saved the post. Leave a comment below letting us know if this was helpful.

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