How to Send Message to Non Mutual Contacts on Telegram

The use of video calls and voicemails for casual conversation is now commonplace. Almost everyone today uses some form of instant messaging service, whether it’s for casual chats with friends, sharing family secrets in groups, or sending urgent work-related texts.

send message to non mutual contacts on telegram

Telegram is one such platform that has gained a lot of users recently. It was released in 2013 for iOS and Android.

This free, cross-platform, cloud-based software allows users to have private conversations and make voice and video calls from one device to another.

Telegram allows you to share unlimited media files, documents (up to 2 GB in size), user locations, stickers, audio files, and contacts.

After having more than 500 million monthly active users as of January 2021, it became the most downloaded app that year by August, reaching over 1 billion downloads.

Curious about the other ways in which this service stands out?

Telegram, in contrast to some other messaging apps, allows you to connect and chat with people who aren’t already in your address book.

What you just read is correct. You can now communicate with people you don’t know personally on Telegram.

In this article, we will show you how to bypass the error message “Sorry you can only send messages to mutual contacts at the moment” when attempting to contact someone on Telegram who is not in your contact list.

Why Use Telegram to Send Messages?

Immediately after downloading Telegram, you’ll have instantaneous access to a list of all of your contacts who are also using the app. As an added layer of security, Telegram uses end-to-end encryption to keep all communications private.

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The ability to send “secret” messages is icing on the cake for its users. Telegram users can create one-on-one encrypted conversations with another that disappear after a user-specified amount of time.

The platform’s server does not even store these conversations, so the app’s creators cannot access them. Even if you try to capture a screenshot of the message, the app will alert the original sender.

In addition, Telegram’s channels feature emphasizes giving users full control over any group they join.

But what if you want to talk to someone on Telegram who isn’t a mutual contact? Nearly there now. Read on to find out how to achieve that result.

How to Send Message to Non Mutual Contacts on Telegram

Method 1: Add Contacts on Telegram

So, you have someone’s number but don’t want to keep it in your phone’s address book. Does Telegram still allow for messages to be sent? Absolutely! To accomplish this, just follow these easy instructions:

Step 1:Select the blue icon with the white arrow pointing to the right, which represents the Telegram app.

Step 2:When you launch the app on your mobile device, look for the white pencil icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

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Step 3:You’ll be taken to a new page where the link to the survey can be found toward the bottom right.Type in a Name and Email Addresslink; clicking on it will take you to theInsert a Contactpage.

Step 5:A first name is required, while a last name is not. Just fill in the blanks as necessary.

Step 6:Location information will appear in the following box. Your current location should populate it automatically. If you want to change the region, just tap on the name.

When you click the drop-down menu, a list of available countries appears. The search icon can also be found in the top left corner of the screen; clicking it will bring up a Search Bar where you can type the country’s name.

Step 7:The desired phone number can be entered into the following field. The phone number prefix is prepopulated with the appropriate information based on the location you’ve chosen.

Step 8:After you’ve finished the preceding steps, you can check them off by clicking the white tick icon in the page’s upper left corner.

You no longer need to manually store this contact’s phone number in order to communicate with them on Telegram. Good luck and have fun texting!

2. Adding Someone on Telegram via Username

Imagine you don’t have someone’s phone number but you do have their Telegram handle. Is it still possible to include them in your Telegram group chat? Absolutely! It’s really easy to accomplish.

Simply launch Telegram on your mobile device and tap the search icon in the upper right corner of the screen. A person can be located by typing their username into the search bar.

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It’s possible that multiple people are sharing a username, so take care in selecting the right one from the list that appears. Finding a compatible partner is the final step. Simply click on their profile and you can begin a text conversation with them.

Can Someone Else Also Add You and Send Messages to You?

If you can add someone to your Telegram chat list, then everyone else should be able to do so as well. If you like the person you’ve just met through a random message on Telegram, you can keep the conversation going and learn more about them.

If you don’t want to talk to them, you can always delete or block their contact from your app. Not only can they text you via Telegram, but you can decide how to respond to their messages.

Disabling a contact’s ability to send you messages on Telegram:

Do you find this person to be grating on your nerves? Yes, it would seem that blocking them would be the best course of action. For a speedy and effective outcome, try these methods:

First, launch the Telegram app on your mobile device, then scroll down until you find the conversation with this person, and then tap on it to open the chat.

The second step is to open their profile by tapping on their name or profile picture at the top of the chat window. Select the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.

As a third step, a menu with various choices will appear. Find theAvoid Contact With Userchoice, which would be the alternate choice.

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