How to Shazam a Song on Snapchat: 4 Steps (with Pictures)

You hear a song on the radio and want to know who sings it and what album it comes from. Simply play a song on Snapchat and use Shazam to identify it.

To further improve your Snapchat experience, you can now use Shazam.

Your Snapchat story will stand out from the crowd when you add music.

How to Use Shazam Within Snapchat

Shazam A Song On Snapchat App Using 4 Easy Steps

To begin, launch Snapchat:Launch Snapchat by touching its icon in your app drawer. What you see is the referral image’s highlighted icon.

Simply launch it and then enter your credentials to proceed.

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Step-2 To initiate a scan, select the scanner icon.If you want to scan something after logging in, you’ll find the option to do so just below the camera icon.

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Step-3 Select the song by clicking the “Discover” button:Then, position your phone as close as possible to the music player for the app to pick up the nuances of the song, and tap the “Discover a song” button.

Bring your phone as close to the device from which you heard the song as possible in order for the feature to work.

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Step 4: The Result of the Scan Will Be Displayed On the Monitor.Your mobile device’s Shazam app now has a recommendation feature that will display various options.

Choose the track you want to hear and press the play button, as shown in the illustration below.

Image titled shazam a Song on Snapchat step 4

With the addition of this new and exciting feature, Snapchat has really stepped up its game.

Can I Shazam A Song From Someone’s Snapchat Story?

Listening to a song from a friend’s Snapchat story is as simple as using the “shazam” app. If you want to find out the song’s name and who performed it, all you have to do is tap on the story in which the song is playing and select the shazam option.

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After receiving the recommendations, you can pick your favorite and add it to your collection.

How Can I Find My Previous Shazam Songs?

The songs you’ve previously discovered with Shazam can be retrieved.

Access your Snapchat account’s preferences by opening the app. Simply select the Shazam option from the Settings menu. All the songs you’ve found so far will be displayed on the page. When you click on one, you can learn more information about that song.

This song can also be shared via a Snapchat story with a friend. You can send this song to a friend by including it in your Snapchat story and then choosing them from your list of friends.

What Other Features Has Snapchat Introduced?

Stickers and filters are two of Snapchat’s newest additions. Snapchat’s newest feature is the ability to switch users’ faces with another’s. SnapChat isn’t just for sharing snaps and adding filters, though. Spreading these tales across multiple media outlets will increase their overall impact.

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You can now customize the look of your Bitmoji, add gifs and polls to your Snapchat stories, and do so much more thanks to the new features that Snapchat has introduced.

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