How to Stop Receiving Messages from Whatsapp Group Without Exiting

A significant part of modern life is spent on social media. However, as we have grown accustomed to these platforms, they have also become more convoluted and difficult to use. Over a billion people are already using WhatsApp, making it a potent tool for reaching your customer base in an interesting and affordable way.

stop receiving messages from whatsapp group

With WhatsApp, users of different smartphone operating systems can communicate with one another for free, unlike with the more traditional SMS (Short Message Service).

Send and receive text messages and make phone calls over your smartphone’s Internet connection (5G, 4G, 3G, or Wi-Fi, depending on your carrier’s offerings).

Whether your group is large or small, WhatsApp makes communication simple. It can be used for anything from formal to informal groups. Using WhatsApp Groups for work is the simplest way to keep in touch with everyone on a team at once and distribute information and media.

They are very efficient at spreading the word about your company, and it’s simple to connect with potential customers.

Leaving a Whatsapp group will result in a personal message being sent to you from every member of the group, which is something you probably don’t want to happen. This is why we provide a workaround that will disable your message notifications without requiring you to leave the group.

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This piece explains how to avoid leaving a Whatsapp group by blocking its messages.

Okay, let’s just jump in!

How to Stop Receiving Messages from Whatsapp Group Without Exiting

In most cases, the sheer number of alerts people receive is enough to drive them crazy. Although there are many users, some of them may not be comfortable participating in a group conversation. Once they do that, the group chat becomes silent.

Disabling or muzzling group alerts is the quickest way to stop receiving WhatsApp messages. Taking this course of action will ensure that you are never again reminded of the group’s WhatsApp activity. At any time, you can disable this alert feature.

1. Mute Whatsapp Group

With a single mouse click, you can silence the entire Group. If you want someone to disappear from the conversation permanently, you can mute them or remove them entirely.

Follow these steps to silence the alerts:

  • A WhatsApp session can be initiated on any iOS or Android device.
  • Select the Group Chat you wish to mute by clicking on it.
  • Below the group chat image on Android is the “Mute” area. iOS’s mute button is hidden below some other controls; scroll down to access it.
  • To silence alerts, just flip the mute switch and set the timer to how long you want it to remain on.
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2. Archive the Group

You can also opt out of WhatsApp group messages in another way. As an alternative to disabling alerts, you may wish to archive the Group or Group conversations.

  • Launch WhatsApp, and then select the Groups menu item.
  • The Archive button appears when you press and hold the Group Chat Tab.

It’s important to note that turning off WhatsApp notifications does not prevent your phone from making noises. Only when there is a new message in the chat will the notification sound. The only way to see messages from people in a specific WhatsApp group is to open WhatsApp. The greater the number of people in your WhatsApp group, the more challenging it is to moderate the discussions.

When there are more than 50 people in a conversation, it can be challenging to keep everyone on the same page, which can stifle innovation.

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3. Custom Notifications for WhatsApp Group

Instead of muting and leaving a group, you can set up individual notifications for each. Personalized alerts are the antithesis of muted alerts. Instead of silencing everyone in the group, you can use this function to send out a personalized alert that highlights the most pressing messages in each WhatsApp Group.

If you’re juggling multiple WhatsApp groups or conversations at once, this feature can help you zero in on the ones that require your immediate attention. Click “Group Info” in the top-right action menu, then “Custom Notifications” to create a one-of-a-kind alert. The ringtone, vibration pattern, and LED color for notifications can all be adjusted there.

You can also create a shortcut on your home screen to access this WhatsApp Group chat quickly and easily. If you have a lot of conversations in your WhatsApp app and want quick access to certain groups, you can do this.

Closing Statements:

Following the above steps will allow you to stop receiving messages from a group chat without leaving the conversation. With any luck, you’ve learned something helpful about how to handle the difficulties of moderating a WhatsApp group.

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