How to Tell If Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

Have you recently noticed that your friend is not updating their Instagram story every day? Is it just you, or does it seem like your cousin is less enthusiastic than usual about sharing updates on their upcoming culinary exploits on social media? If you can’t hear their stories, then maybe those thoughts are keeping you conflicted. If you have a blocking suspicion and would like more information, you can rest easy knowing that verifying your suspicion is not difficult.

know who blocked you from seeing their story on instagram

The practice of restricting who can see your Instagram stories by blocking or filtering them is widespread. When you consider how seriously the app takes its users’ right to privacy, you’ll see why this is the case. The app’s privacy features are constantly being refined to provide their users with the highest level of safety. Therefore, there may be explanations if you’ve noticed a friend or acquaintance has been absent from your Instagram story feed as of late.

However, before taking any action, keep in mind that there are no established protocols for verifying such suspicions. For privacy reasons, these actions are typically performed in secret.

After that, what is effective? The same old Sherlock Holmes story, then. So, if you’re having an internal conflict, try using some of these tried-and-true non-official methods. Let’s dive in and start exploring this topic.

How to Tell If Someone Blocked You from Seeing Their Story on Instagram

1. Contacting a Mutual Friend

It’s possible that the person in question has tightened up their privacy settings toFamily of Friendsfacilitated theConceal the tale from option. For that reason, this is an excellent place to begin, rather than leaping to conclusions. All you need is a third party who knows both you and the target and is willing to keep tabs on you both.

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If you and the target have a mutual friend, you can quickly check to see if the target’s account story is displayed on your friend’s mobile device. Two or three mutual friends can help you confirm your suspicions. And if it stays that way, then you know what to do.

If your friend isn’t available in person, you can always give them a call and ask them to fill you in on the targeted individual’s story via direct message. See if the story finally appears. If you are unable to see someone’s stories, it may be because they have blocked you.

2. Searching for the Person on Instagram

If you’ve exhausted all other options, it might be time to see if the person in question has simply blocked you on Instagram. Entering their username into the app’s search bar is all it takes to confirm. Forget about them if you only seeNothing has been posted as of yet.the access has been denied.

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If you can’t remember their handles, you can also search for the person in a mutual friend’s tag posts by looking for a photo in which they have been tagged. Click on the photo’s tag to see if it will take you to the person’s profile where you can view their photos. If that’s not the case, it’s likely that they’ve blocked you.

You could also look for them in the chat logs or comments of posts where you or your mutual friends interacted with them. Words and phrases such asNo such user foundIf that’s the case, I’m afraid you’ve been denied access. And if this is the case, then naturally we can’t access their backstories.

3. Creating a New Instagram Account

It’s the best option available if you’re willing to go a little bit out of your way. To access their biographies, simply sign up for a new account. The first step in creating a new account is to exit the one you’re currently logged into. Create an account with a made-up name and a secondary email. If you are able to view their stories in your new account but not in your old one, then you have been permanently banned from the old account.

Unfortunately, this tactic has a major flaw in that it can only be used if the suspect has a public account. The truth is that maintaining their anonymity will require more effort and time on your part. A follow request must be sent to them first. Acceptance could come easily, or you might have to prove your account’s legitimacy.

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With any luck, the intended recipient will see things yourobey commands. The strategy will be highly effective if you are accepted.

If you’re having trouble appearing genuine, here is a quick guide to some tricks you can use.

  • Put some pictures in your post.
  • Make a profile picture that stands out.
  • Gain the support of fifty people.
  • Avoid public view

4. Asking Them Directly 

It’s the most basic and frightening response to the crisis. Talk to the person in question and ask whether or not they have blocked you from seeing their stories to get answers to your questions. The outcome of this strategy is currently unknown. Maybe they’ll come clean and admit they were the ones responsible. In all likelihood, they only intended a small subset of their audience to see the post, or they deliberately hid parts of it from you.

They might not tell you straight up, but you can use other methods to figure it out. To tell the truth, it eliminates the need to expend any additional energy. Even more importantly, such petty disagreements can disrupt your mental equilibrium.

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