How to Tell If Someone Declined Your Follow Request on Instagram

Everyone, regardless of age, location, or gender, can agree on one thing: rejection hurts. It’s not simple to handle, and it’s sapped the will of many people. But it’s also a fact of life that you’ll eventually have to deal with it. No matter where you go, online or off, you will inevitably face some form of rejection at some point in your life. The only thing worse than being rejected is wondering if you actually were. The ability to rest and relax may be compromised.

tell if someone declined your follow request on instagram

If you, too, are an Instagram user experiencing this predicament, you’ve found the right place because we have the answer you’ve been looking for. Don’t give up on us until we’ve shown you that it can work.

Does Instagram notify you if your follow request has been declined?

Let’s look into the possibility of Instagram notifications before we get to the solution to your question. How do the social media you frequent get in touch with you when they have something crucial to say? By means of electronic mail or push notifications, the latter being the more common method.

How did you find out that someone had favored your post, sent you a follow request, commented on your work, or even mentioned you in their own posts? The app must have notified you of this, right?

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It’s only natural to wonder if the platform notifies you when users reject your follow requests. But could that possibly be accurate? No, and here are some reasons why:

According to Instagram, rejecting a follow request is a private matter between the requester and the requestee. Due to its commitment to user confidentiality, the service will not inform you if your follow request is denied.

If you think this is unfair, just wait until you have to turn down a request and would rather they didn’t find out (at least not right away).

How to Tell If Someone Declined Your Follow Request on Instagram

You may be disappointed to learn that Instagram will not send you a message if the person you asked to follow them decides to reject your request. Because, really, how else could you possibly know for sure? Your inquiry is spot-on, as there is an answer to what you’re looking for.

Let us show you how to find out if someone on Instagram did not accept your request to follow them.

Check their profile for the Requested button

Some of you may be surprised to learn that the very profile of this person contains the information you need to determine whether or not your request has been denied. Confused? Here, let us explain.

You probably already know how to send a follow request on Instagram, but just in case, let’s review the process. You can request someone to follow you by visiting their profile and clicking the blue Follow button. Follow a tab near the top of the page, below the user’s name, profile picture, and bio.

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This happens as soon as you send them a request.Follow Activating the button transforms it into aRequested button. No matter how long it takes, the status quo will be maintained until they fulfill your request.

tell if someone declined your follow request on instagram

If this person agrees to what you’ve asked,Requested Pressing theFollowing button. In contrast, if they refuse your request, the button will revert to its previous appearance.Follow, just as it seemed before you sent the request.

Simply put, the transition fromRequested to Follow , it’s safe to assume that your request was denied. And how exactly are you going to learn of this modification? You can find their profile by searching for them on Instagram.

Resend them a request to see if they decline it again

This person’s profile, if opened, might reveal theFollow switch it out for a buttonRequestedthey probably said no to your request. You say they did it on purpose, but how sure are you that it wasn’t an accident? Because there is no need for alarm if the latter is the case.

Such blunders are extremely common, so there’s no point in berating yourself or anyone else over it. As an alternative, you could send them another Instagram request and hope for a response this time. If they agree this time, you can put the incident in the past.

If they turn you down again, though, something is obviously wrong.

Ask them about it up-front

They’ve turned down your Instagram follow request twice. It can’t be a coincidence, of course. So, what other options do you have to think about right now? There could be any number of reasons for this, but ultimately, it all boils down to one thing: they don’t want you to follow them on the platform.

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Your next steps, now that you know the truth, can go one of two ways. You could choose to accept it and move on, or you could ask them directly if you’re the type who needs closure. Due to the subjective nature of this recommendation, however, you should carefully consider the state of your relationship with this person before acting.

No response could also be a sign

Normally, you’d expectobeying a request to start followingor turn it downare the sole options for replying to a request on Instagram. Yet this is not always the case. People will sometimes let your request remain in their profile for as long as they like if they don’t want you to know that they deleted it.

If you send someone a follow request on Instagram and they haven’t responded to you yet, but you know they have the app but aren’t using it, assume that they are doing so on purpose.

The bottom line

That’s all there is to this blog post. How to tell if an Instagram follow request has been declined was the topic of today’s discussion.

We started off by establishing that Instagram doesn’t issue alerts in such situations because they consider the information to be personal and confidential. However, if you’re curious about the status of a follow request you sent, the recipient’s profile contains a wealth of information.

Please visit the Instagram section if you are experiencing any other difficulties.

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