How To Tell if Someone Is Online on Discord With Offline Status

If you’re looking for a place to chat with other gamers, the vast majority of them call Discord home. It’s widely used by gamers who want to connect with others while they play PC games online. In part because of its ease of use, Discord has attracted a massive user base. Over time, the app has evolved into an indispensable tool for many creators to stay in touch with their fans and audience. You would know that the platform has successfully expanded beyond its initial user base of gamers to become a gathering place for people from a wide variety of professional backgrounds.

tell if someone is online on discord with offline status

Thus, if you search for any topic on Discord, you likely will find something interesting.

Furthermore, one of the benefits of the platform is that it can be accessed from both mobile and desktop devices. This real-time communication platform is awesome in comparison to the vast majority of its contemporaries because of its extensive personalization options.

So, how can you tell if they’re actually online but camouflaged, or if they’ve simply gone into offline mode? We’re just as curious as you are, and today we’ll share our findings with you. To find out more about this, please read the blog post in its entirety.

How to Tell if Someone Is Online on Discord With Offline Status

There are a number of scenarios in which finding out if someone is online in Discord despite their offline status would be useful. It could be time-sensitive, or you could just be genuinely interested!

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Without getting bogged down in unnecessary detail, this section exists solely for the purpose of answering this question. To cut to the chase, then.

When using Discord, it is impossible to know for sure if a user has chosen to be invisible. Remember that people have offline options as well. invisiblemode for a range of online activities and reasons.

Maybe they don’t want to respond because they don’t want to be the center of attention or because they want to avoid the people who keep bothering them in the direct message section. In other words, it is expected that the platform will protect this data.

We understand that you may feel hopeless about this situation, but please don’t give up. There are a few approaches we can take to this problem, and we’ll go over each of them in turn below.

Method #1: Cross-verifying the voice chat servers on Discord

We already know that keeping tabs on someone who has gone offline or into stealth mode can be difficult. However, our number one clue can help us get you even closer to the truth.

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Please be patient while we check to see if the specified user has left any voice messages or chats on the server. To maximize efficiency, you and your target audience should be using the same server or a shared server. If they are hosted on a server you do not have access to, finding them becomes more of a challenge.

Method #2: Sending them a direct message (DM) on Discord

Do you know that Discord has a direct message (DM) function that lets server users talk to one another privately? The second clue can be obtained by sliding into the target’s direct message box.

As a gentle reminder, this strategy will only succeed if the user has enabled DMs in their privacy settings and you are able to send them one. Common practice amongst users is to close DMs after reading them in order to avoid further spam.

If they do, all you have to do is say “hey” or start a short conversation to see if they respond. If they respond immediately, despite their “offline” Discord status, they are likely online. One alternative is to wait calmly for a reply.

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In that case, just carry on as usual and you’ll soon discover that they’re actually online but are hiding behind their invisible status. If this doesn’t work, try the next clue to see if it can help you out.

Method #3: Looking for the typing indicator on Discord servers

The Discord chat app, like many others, includes a typing indicator. Therefore, we can detect the instantaneous input of a message.

An online user’s typing speed can be used as a strong indicator that they are currently offline in Discord. Examine all of your shared platforms and look for the indicator.

Try to find the most active servers and wait for someone to type there. If you see the indicator, they are actually online but appear to be unavailable.

In the end

This is the final post in this blog. How about we talk about what we’ve learned today?

We answered an important question that had been asked about Discord. How to tell if someone is online in Discord despite their offline status was the topic of this thread.

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