How to Turn Off Google Maps Voice: 5 Steps (with Pictures)

Turning off Google Maps’ voice navigation feature is a simple way to eliminate any potential distractions while driving.

Google Maps includes a mute button, through which you can silence the map’s voice while it provides directions. There are times when the guidance voice can be very distracting for novice drivers. Therefore, if you feel unsafe around them, it is best to silence them. It works the same way on Google Meet, where you can mute order to concentrate without interruptions.The 5 simple steps outlined in this article will show you how to accomplish this goal.

How To Enable/Disable Voice on Google Maps

Turn off Google maps voice in 5 Steps

Open Google Maps as the first step:You can’t get started unless you launch the Google Maps app.

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Step-2 Select the Account or Profile tab:The Account menu has moved to the top right of the screen.

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In order to access your account settings, simply click the account tab once.

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3. Select “Settings” by clicking on the gear icon.To change the settings, select “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

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Step-4 The ‘Navigation settings’ tab can be accessed by pressing the button.You can now access Google Maps’ configuration panel. Navigate to “Navigation settings” in the “Settings” menu’s lower section. Simply tap on it.

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Step-5 Just hit the mute button:To access the “Sound & Voice” section, you must scroll down. Multiple configuration options can be found there.

The mute setting should be changed to the “Muted” position in that section. Okay, that settles it. The Google Maps voice has been turned off.

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Could Google Maps’ interface be simplified as well?

If you want to silence the voice in Google Maps, you can do that easily.

This option can be found in the “Sound & Voice” submenu of the settings menu. This is the only place in the app where you can change the voice and volume settings. As a result, you can improve the quality of your time spent with Google Maps.

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What’s the best way to coordinate real-time Google Maps sharing of our current locations?

Google Maps allows you to broadcast your current location to the world. The following are some possible approaches:

  • Turn on Google Maps.
  • Go through the steps of signing in.
  • Click the icon with three horizontal lines.
  • Select the choice to share your location by tapping on it.
  • Just hit the “add” button now.
  • Pick how long you’re willing to let people know where you are right now.
  • To pick specific individuals, click the “Select” button.
  • After that, select the people you feel comfortable letting know exactly where you are right now.
  • To access your ID, just click on it.
  • Then, select the “Share” tab at the bottom.

This will allow you to update your loved ones in real time on Google Maps as to where you currently are.

Is there a way to silence Google Maps’ voice instructions via the car’s Bluetooth?

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You are already well aware of the fact that Bluetooth can be used to link Google Maps to your automobile.

We’re here to tell you that you can turn off Maps’ voice guidance in your vehicle, too. There is nothing else you need to do. The only thing you need to do is adjust some settings on your mobile device. Plus, your car’s Bluetooth will be updated automatically to reflect your new preferences.

Can Google Maps’ Voice Navigation Be Reactivated If It Has Been Muted?

The voice options menu is available for repeated use. Nothing prevents you from doing that.

What this means is that you can repeatedly mute and unmute Google Maps’ voice navigation. That is not something you need to stress over.

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