How to Turn Off Notifications from Pinterest: 7 Steps (with Pictures)

Pinterest notifications can be annoying if you receive too many of them. People sign up for Pinterest in search of new inspiration and ideas, but instead they are bombarded with irrelevant messages. By default, Pinterest notifies us of absolutely everything.

new mentions, invitations, saved pins, and other notifications. These events are so important that you are likely to receive multiple alerts about them within a single day. Think about if you manage multiple accounts (both personal and professional) at once. Consequently, it is simple to feel overawed! But you have full control over your alert settings. Learn the quick and easy way to disable Pinterest alerts.

How to Turn Off Pinterest Notification

Turn Off Notifications from Pinterest in a Few Easy Steps

First, fire up Pinterest:Initiate action by launching the Pinterest app on your mobile device.

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Step-2 Check your Profile and then:Follow that up by entering your username and password to log in.

  • Once you’ve signed in, scroll to the very bottom of the app and tap the button labeled “your profile.”
  • To disable alerts, navigate to your profile and click “Profile.”
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Method Three: Click the Middle DotNext, click the “three dots” button in your profile. Click the “Three Dots” Button.

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Fourth, select “Settings” by tapping on it.Now, a sub-menu appears when you click the ellipsis button.

  • Several selections are available to you in your profile. Look for something called “settings.”
  • To disable alerts, go to “settings” by clicking the gear icon.
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Action #5: Select “Notifications”There is a wealth of configuration options available after that. When presented with a menu of choices, pick the “Notifications” option.

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Step-6 Select Notifications by Push Tapping:Okay, we can see the finish line now.

  • Moreover, visit “By push Notification” to disable the alerts.
  • Simply deselect “By Push Notification” to stop receiving alerts.
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Step-7 Select “Turn off all” by pressing the button:Nearly all of our Pinterest alerts have been turned off at this point.

  • In the end, go to the ‘Push Notification’ section and click the ‘Turn Off All’ button.
  • To disable all Pinterest alerts, select the option to “Turn off all” in the notification menu.
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To sum up, I’ve found that Pinterest’s notification settings are among the most user-friendly I’ve encountered. Even though Pinterest is a wonderful app for gaining a wealth of creative ideas, it does have its limitations. However, the constant barrage of alerts can quickly become annoying. Yes, you are still in charge of everything.


Do you get a notification if someone saves your PIN?

You won’t have to worry about the original Pinner finding out you’ve added their Pins to a private board because they won’t be notified.

I’d like to stop receiving Pinterest-related emails, if that’s even possible.

Unquestionably, Yes. Notifications from Pinterest can be sent via email in addition to the app. Follow these steps to stop receiving emails from a certain sender in Gmail:

  • If you have a Gmail account and want to get started using Pinterest, you should do so first.
  • Second, locate any email that has been marked as a Pinterest notification.
  • Then, open the email, and toward the bottom, you’ll see a tiny “unsubscribe” button.
  • Just hit the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of the email.
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In the end, you succeeded. As of right now, you will also stop getting mail notifications. In any case, you can always re-subscribe to get the alerts again.

When asked to define “Push Notifications,” what exactly do you mean?

You can get updates about your recent activity on Pinterest via push notifications. You can expect to receive interesting and engaging content updates here almost constantly. You have the option to disable all push notifications or to keep only the ones you find useful.

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