How to Unblock Email in Gmail App in iPhone : 4 Steps (with Pictures)

You can unblock an email that you previously blocked in the Gmail app on your iPhone. It’s an easy 4-step procedure that won’t take you more than 2 minutes to complete. Contrarily, blocking and unblocking users on IMO is similarly simple. Let’s revisit Gmail and finish up the linked piece of reading material.

How to Block emails on gmail on iphone

Unblock Email in Gmail App on iPhone in 4 Steps

Beginning with Login to Your Gmail Account:When using an iPhone, you can access the Gmail app by:

  • Launch the “App Gallery” on your iPhone.
  • Locate the icon labeled “Gmail” on your device.
  • This app icon will launch Gmail.
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Phase 2: Select an EmailIf you have previously blocked a sender and now wish to unblock them, you must tap on their message in the center of the screen.

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Third, tap the “•••” button:To view additional content from this sender, click the “More” icon to the right of their name, as shown in the image below. Three dots, like ‘•••’, are used to depict this.

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Here’s the Fourth Step: Pick “Unblock.”When you select ‘•••’, a menu with options like these will appear:

  • Bring back the auto-size function
  • Forward
  • Print
  • Unblock
  • Cancel

You must select the “Unblock” option from this list. By selecting this menu item, the filter for that specific email will be removed.

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If you’re using the Gmail app on your iPhone, there are only four steps you need to take to remove a block from an inbound message.


How Can I Get My Android Device to Stop Blocking My Gmail?

If you use the Gmail app on an Android device, unblocking an email works a little differently.

What follows is a rundown of how to get Android to stop blocking Gmail:

  • Please access your Gmail account.
  • To see additional content, select the ‘More’ link in the menu’s upper left corner.
  • Then, select this option to access the “Settings” menu.
  • To add or remove filters and blocked addresses, click the corresponding menu item.
  • In that case, choose ‘Unblock ’ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click “Select All” to unblock all of the selected emails at once.
  • Finally, verify that they’ve been unblocked.
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To which folder do messages that I have blocked in the Gmail app be sent?

When you block a sender in the Gmail app, the sender will no longer receive any messages from you, according to Google Support. Then, any messages they send you will be automatically filed under Spam. Go check your spam folder just in case.

In the event that someone has blocked your emails from their Gmail account, how can you tell?

You can’t be sure if someone has blocked you from their Gmail account unless you actually try to send an email to them.

However, the following instructions can serve as a guide for accomplishing this:

  • Check to see if you’re getting more bounced-back emails than usual.
  • Attempt sending the message from another account. In this case, a change of Gmail addresses will suffice.
  • If you were blacklisted, none of your emails would reach their intended recipients.

For What Reason Is Gmail Blocking My Messages?

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Repeatedly receiving the error message “Failed to send” from your email app indicates that the recipient’s end has a problem processing your email.

There are two potential outcomes:

  • The given address may have been incorrect or no longer exist.
  • You may have typed in the correct email address, or the address may have been spelled incorrectly.

I don’t see the option to block messages in my Gmail; what gives?

On iOS and Android, blocking an email in the Gmail app requires slightly different actions.

Follow the instructions that correspond to your computer’s OS and hardware. If you don’t do that, you’ll never be able to locate the Block menu option.


Unblocking any previously-blocked email in the Gmail app is a breeze after reading this article. For security reasons, you should avoid providing your email address to potentially malicious websites, as this is a standard login requirement for most sites.

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